The Canyon

Fear enwraps the heart
when viewing the road ahead.
It appears so narrow and treacherous
with obstacles galore.
Boulders here and brush there.
Seldom room but for one to pass.
The rugged canyon walls rise up
blocking the sun's rays.
Apprehension abounds,
knowing should the storms come,
the torrential water will sweep away
all in its path.

Eventually, the heart leaps
upon seeing beyond the walls.
The open road lies ahead
wider and straighter
than ever before.

Cruising along the sunlit meandering highway,
passing through the vibrant green hills
the canyon journey becomes but a memory.
Save when the rains come
thoughts return to the canyon
and the knowledge that only through it
could the open road be reached.


Comments: Allegory even to begin to understand life, you must travel the journey. The deepest lessons are often learned within the canyon walls...but so nice to leave them behind for awhile.

    Gifts come in assorted packages
    Some wrapped magnificently,
    shouting of elegance.
    Others enclosed in nondescript paper,
    Though no less appreciated.
    Requested or not, they arrive.
    From the beautiful diamond
    to the touch of the unexpected kiss.
    Each with intrinsic worth.

    Occasionally, one opens a very special gift
    Sometimes, requiring nearly a lifetime
    before the wrapper is unwrapped.
    Like a puzzle and a thousand pieces,
    the requisite events and circumstances
    Come together to create the finished picture.
    Such gifts the rarest.
    Such the most cherished.


Comments: Gifts come in so many forms. Even those that Fate bestows upon us are often not recognized as such until we take the time to look back, reassess, and act upon. Frankly, some cannot be appreciated until the appropriate season arrives

Let Go

Look here, look there,
All one sees are trees.
Is there no end to the forest
And the dark shadows
That haunt the gloom?
Where is the path?
Am I condemned
To walk endless circles?

High above a bird sings,
“Spread your wings and soar.
The infinite forest you perceive
Are only woods.
Join me up here,
Where the sun shines
Drenching the nearby floral hills you seek.
Just let go and fly.”


Comments: We face problems that sometimes seem insurmountable. The more we dwell on them, the more gloom consumes us. Perhaps we need to heed the voice of the little bird and "Let go!" putting the problems in perspective. In the scheme of life, the insurmountable is seldom that. Instead, such challenges force us to assess who we are. How we handle these situations determine whom we become.