Glacial waters sparkling an iridescent blue-green

Peaks piercing the blue sky

Occasionally shrouded by wispy clouds

Makes one ponder the mystery of life

Far below on the rocky shore

A young boy plays with rocks

Entranced by their feel and form

Oblivious to such insignificant thoughts

Comments: In 1993 my family was exploring the Last Frontier, Alaska. During the trip I was continually overwhelmed with the changing vistas and the indescribable beauty that one saw around each bend in the road. My visual senses went into overload. Even the smell of the air was somehow purer than in the Lower 48. Taking a break on an overlook, the silence only broken by the distant sound of the water and the occasional, unwelcome passing car, I glanced below at the lake, the intensity of the reflecting light causing me to squint. Then I saw my son Craig who was ten at the time, doing the age-old pursuit of trying to skip rocks, this time, against the incoming waves - obviously with little success. He cared not; he was lost in his activity. I savored for the moment the joy of fatherhood.

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