A Series #1
Love Poems
What shall I say?

"How shall you know me my darling
when we no longer walk this land?"
"I shall know you, and you shall know me.
I shall simply repeat your name.
At that instant you will come to me."

Comments: Will we know each other in the next life? I think so. This poem speaks to that initial meeting.

Queries of Love

"Do you love me?" the lover queries.
"Do I love warm sunny days
and soothingly cool nights?" the reply.

"Will you always want me?"
"Will I always need breath to live?"

"Is our love true and lasting?"
"Is the universe miraculous and limitless?"

"Will you become bored with me?"
"Will tropical rainbows ever cease to touch me?"

"Are we truly meant for each other?"
"Are nights complete without the stars, days without the sun?"

"Will our spirits truly become one?"
"Will we not one-day be one with God?"

"Yes, but do you love me?"
"Yes, I love you."

Comments: Sometimes, only these three powerful words say it all
In Love

The day is glorious
As I think of love
How it changes
A verve to the walk
A lilt to the voice
No matter the age
Teenagers one becomes
Desires rise
Engulfing and inspiring
Even on the cloudiest day
You see the Sun

Comments: Yes, hopefully all my readers can identify with the above


A scent of remembrance
drifts into mind.
One so delicate,
yet sublime.
Filled with nuances
and floral fragrances.
Floating momentarily
on a memory cloud.
Feeling the lifting
of the distant shroud.
I bathe in thoughts
of moments gone.
As I look forward
to the approaching dawn

Comments: Frankly, this poem goes beyond a simple love poem. It speaks of joys and understanding gained from experiences and how those memories can still impact you today.
Sweet Dreams

May dreams gently blanket you tonight.
Wrapping you in warmth and love.
May you sleep deep, awakening refreshed.
The cares, but memories from the day before.
The sun shining through the window,
Telling you that it is a new day.

Comments: This poem was written to a loved one in need of a good night's sleep.
24 Hours

A day is twenty-four hours.
For some a mere speck in the journey.
For two passionate lovers, a promise made
To celebrate each day –
To cherish and enjoy.
Think not long and hard on the future
For destiny will occur
Whether wanted or not.
Enjoy the sounds and moments allowed.
There is no need for haste.
For now, one day at a time.

Comments: Sometimes, the focus of the relationship is on the future, forgetting the all important present – the foundation for lasting love.
Strawberry Blonde

"Was the hair red or strawberry blonde?"
........as some say.
Shortened skirt with matching hose
........complemented her person.
She mesmerized me
........as she greeted those who passed.
My thoughts were to be of sales
........while glad-handing the conventioneers.
But my eyes continued to return to the hair.
Thus, these words become my ode
........to this modern Helen.
Though I never spoke or knew her name
........I stood in awe for two too brief days.

Comments: Male readers will clearly understand this poem.

Goddesses are ageless
They walk this earth
Smiting all in their path
Pity the poor man they touch
For that mere mortal
Has no chance

Comments: No explanation needed.
The Bottle

Contained within a magical elixir
000that possesses the essence of life.
Though ethereal and unseen,
000it's nevertheless real.
A mere inhalation
000will transport you
to a paradisiacal place
000where two souls mingle for eternity.
Beloved, inhale and smell its essence.

Comments: Does such a bottle exist? I wonder.
A Woman of Mystery

Manjari, what does that name inspire?
Perhaps mystery or far off desert sands
Or a quiet oasis where one cools
From the intense heat
Or perhaps a beautiful woman
Who quietly asks for her own poem.

Comments: One day, I was sitting in a hotel lobby taking a break during a poetry convention. A young woman came up and asked me to write a poem about her. She told me her name, Manjari. Above is the poem I gave her a few minutes later.


Our fingers touch
Our eyes peer into the other's
Our breathing
....merges into synchronous rhythm
Emotions and passions rise
We become one

Comments: None needed.

Will It End?

The Seeker wonders
........where they have met –
........what ties link them?
A mere few minutes meeting
........evolves into a bond.
She queries him,
........"Will this time of sharing close?"

He ponders her thoughts,
........touched by her question.
Within moments,
........a voice within replies simply,
........"Until the time is done."
A smile crosses his lips,
........as he responds,
........"I hope it is for eternity."

Comments: Love at first sight!

The Woman in White

She walks in white across the land
Known by many names  
The joys and travails
Forever sculpting her
Peace, harmony, and love
Now she seeks
Desiring solace for her soul.

Comments: You interpret.

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