Who is Carrie Giles?

One day her name flashes across my screen,
“Carrie Giles wants to talk.”
an unrequested email, like hundreds
that arrive unannounced and unwanted.
Infamous SPAM,
CLICK, and Carrie is gone
to infinite cyberspace
dissipating somewhere among the stars.

A day passes, like many before,
and Carrie visits again,
like a lost love,
promising hints of pleasure.
Is she a woman of beauty
or an erotic figure filled with cupidity?
Hmm, my mouse moves with timidity
to open, curiosity intrigued.
My, what pleasure she promises,
even coming to my town,
that is, one nearby.
Fantasy rules –
Has she been mesmerized by my mature looks
or perhaps, my intellectual demeanor?
CLICK, Carrie disappears
as thoughts turn to more serious emails
such as blue pills
and greater male enhancements.

Now, Ms. Giles returns daily to my screen
not in one email but six or more.
She no longer taunts with mere physical pleasure
but with loan applications, pharmaceutical options, travel,
you name it.
Definitely, a busy girl!
DELETE, DELETE, the messages continue.
Like a Fatal Attraction lover,
she haunts me.
How I regret
that I almost met Carrie Giles.

Comments: Per a survey respondent request of "The Graduate 9--" to include more humor, I have taken a humorous approach to "the plague" of the Internet. Due to the fact that this address is distributed widely because of this newsletter, I am haunted daily with a minimum of 200+ pieces of unwanted emails. By the way, Carrie is beginning to give up on me as I now only hear from her once a day.

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