High in the air above Kansas

a little toddler lets out periodic screams

Passengers around try to ignore

Mothers sympathizing with mother

Fathers questioning the lack of discipline

The childless not understanding at all

Suddenly, a furry head appears

from behind the first class curtain

The toddler stops and stares

and smiles at the black furry dog

The child holding the stuffed animal

knowing it would offer comfort

as it so often had for her


Comments: Anyone who has flown knows about the dreaded crying child. About halfway through the flight, the little tike began to cry. No matter how hard the mother tried, the child wouldn't stop. As described in the poem, a furry stuffed dog suddenly peaked through the curtain separating first and tourist class. The toddler became quiet, started to giggle, and never let out another peep. Later, the little girl peaked through the curtain. She was about nine. I was touched by the young child's thoughtfulness and wisdom beyond her years.


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