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Simplicity II

Desperation consumes daily lives–
.... the yearning for love,
.... the fear of loneliness,
.... the endless search for happiness,
.... the desire for perfection, for meaning.
Hopeless searching
.... never finding.

Letting go.
Love of self and others.
Giving without reward.
Bring all one desires.

Comment: You can ponder that one ...:-)

Jewels of Time

Can time stand still
.... so this now
.... lasts forever?
.... do such moments appear
.... that one wishes
.... to cherish forever.

Comment: One morning sitting, watching the ocean from the condo balcony, smelling tropical flowers carried by the gentle breeze, and listening to the song birds, I had such a moment. I rejoice with this early morning gift.

Enjoying the Kokosing Trail (Mt. Vernon, OH)

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Thank you, Internet

The Internet, a fascinating place
    where you touch others,
    sight unseen.
The message sometimes comes
    in unexpected ways.
An email of appreciation
    for work you've done.
The gratitude felt
    from that unseen Soul
My appreciation can only be expressed
    in poetical prose.
Comment: This poem is especially relevant for the PJ Forum where many write to me.

Life (Peace) Historical And more Graduate Observation Reminiscence