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FEBRUARY ISSUE: Waves on the Gulf


NOVEMBER ISSUE : A barn along Rt. 13 in Richland County, Ohio

.Four Poems this Month

A New Year's Prayer

May the winds of happiness and joy
.... surround you.
When sorrow arrives
.... may the love of others support you.
May we touch lives,
.... remembering that the atoms
.... we breathe contain the essence
.... of all who came before.
May your 2013 be filled
....with the peace of God's grace.

Snowy Day

Flakes brush my skin
.... as the cold chills the core.

The whistling wind my company–
.... appropriate for an Ohio January day.

A sea of white lays before me–
.... each step leaving an imprint.

They soon disappear
.... as if never there.

Peace, where art thou?

Peace eternal
.... walks the land
.... only asking
.... for us to grasp her hand.

She’s so lonely at times
.... with no one
.... to share her bounteous gifts
.... and infinite beauty.

She longs
.... for the embrace–
.... to become one
.... with those who seduce her.

Most ignore her seductiveness,
.... instead become consumed
.... with lust and fealty toward
.... painted harlots and youthful gigolos
.... who bring sadness and emptiness.

She ceaselessly pleads,
.... “I am yours
.... for all who desire me.
Just yield to my embrace
.... and experience the bounty
.... of all that awaits.”

Comments: There are many types of peace. You interpret.



MARCH ISSUE: Tide's out at Kaua Beach, Maui.
JUNE ISSUE: Cambodian dancers
NOVEMBER ISSUE: View from the church pew at Park City Community Church

NOVEMBER ISSUE: For sentimental reasons a favorite – Craig and Nicole, one week before the birth of Peyton Olivia, taken at the top of Guardsman Pass

MARCH ISSUE: Location Maui – Iao Needle (2700+ ft. tall) the last great battle between Hawaiians occurred here – thousands died. The top of the Needle was used as lookout point.
APRIL ISSUE: Black lava rock supporting new life

Vignette: My Tea Ceremony

For many, hot water, a tea bag, and a cup are all one needs to enjoy a cup of tea. At times that also describes my modus operandus. However, there are times, primarily very early, usually around 6 a.m., when I take the time to immerse myself in a ceremony that gives a whole new meaning to a good cup of tea.

Here is the process I dutifully follow. Slowly the loose leaves are spooned into the porous bag. How far these exotic flavors have traveled to entice my palate. The water near boiling is poured slowly into a favorite cast iron teapot. It too has made the arduous journey across the vast Pacific to join this celebration. As the tea seeps, flora aromas drift aimless into the air. A small candle in the warmer keeps the temperature just right. In minutes the ambrosia is poured into my Thoreau Society mug, which reminds me of the great poets of the world. I resist the immediate urge to sip, instead breathe in the fragrance. As I savor the elegant nuances and write, the day begins with a perfect beginning.

Try developing your own ceremony. The process is a way to slow down and ponder. For me, adding a time for meditation creates an even more rewarding experience.

If you have a guest vignette you would like to submit, please do so. Not only will I enjoy reading it, but if agreeable with you and space permitting, I will print it in a future issue. The vignette should be written in paragraph form and relate a personal story or event. Equally important, it should fit the overall tenor of this newsletter. Ideally, it should not exceed twenty lines. Please send to bob@poeticaljourneys.com

NOVEMBER ISSUE: Scene along back road coming down from Guardsman Pass into Midway, UT

JULY ISSUE: A view of Dear Creek Reservoir near Heber and Provo

AUGUST ISSUE: Prague, Czech Republic

SEPTEMBER ISSUE: Melk Abbey's English style garden

OCTOBER ISSUE: Parliament Building in Budapest as viewed from the Danube River


MAY ISSUE: Waterfalls in the Serenity Garden – Schnormier Gardens

ABOVE: AUGUST ISSUE – Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic – voted one of the most beautiful villages in the world.

BELOW: NOVEMBER ISSUE – Winter arrives with spectacular beauty – Herber City, UT

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