Below are the poems and some of the pictures from the June 2013 Issue.



Three Poems

A Coin

The oxidized 25¢ piece
    rests in the soil.
Years pass,
    mark its surface.
Rain bathes it.
The quarter,
    long forgotten.

One day,
    a young lad
    looks down
    and notices.
With the discovery,
    a smile broadens his face.
Off to the store he goes.

Comment: What appears to be a lighthearted poem is far more.




How one wishes
    the mind was free
    to grasp and comprehend
    all that be.
What truths
    would one come
    to understand?
What cures
    would we discover?
Infinite questions
    and infinite answers
    would flow and gel
    as time and space evaporate.
Mind and untold energy
    now meld into one
    if only the mind
    was unfettered and free.

Comment: A little rhyme speaks to the positive power we could have.



We are one

My soul sings today
    in celebration.
I am alive,
    able to see the sun,
    feel the chill of
    a cold spring day,
    receive a kiss from
    a lover and friend.

May the songs
    always be of beauty
    even in darkness
    when the music
    is hushed and difficult to hear.

May the pitch
    always be perfection
    whether suffering in pain
    or leaping for joy.

May I sing on
    for my soul and I are one.

Comment: This poem was written during a recent trying time in life.










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