Early Morning

Tranquil seas as far as one can see
Gulls serenely soaring and searching
Above the quiet beach
Two lovers lie undisturbed
The caressing fingers of the early morning sun
Gently touching them
Waking them from their dreams
Remembering the night's repose
Arising, walking hand-in-hand
Into the day.

Comments: For me the sea has always sparked thoughts of romance and adventure. Many of my poems, especially in this category, have nautical imagery. Some of my most memorable moments involve water

A New Day

The cloud passes and a new day dawns
The shadows of the Past disappear
As the reality of the daylight shines
Dream time fades but shall return
As the two strolled into the New World

Comments: This poem has similar imagery as the one above. However, it has a vastly different theme - new beginnings based on old ones. You may interpret from there.

A Moment

The waves rolled gently into shore.
Cooling the warm skin.
Both lost in the sunset
Lost in the moment.

Comment: Wonderful!

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