Dear Reader,

Two factors have impacted the writing of the poems to follow. Recently, I have been reading Rumi's poetry, so elegant and sensual. They also appear in my second book. – Bob


Your beauty brings pleasure to the eyes.

Your hair so fine
wispily blows in the gentlest breeze.

The quiet sounds of your voice
linger liltingly in the air.

All these pale
to the vibrancy of your soul
that touches all
who come into your presence.

A Secret Place

At first Zahra is embarrassed by her immodesty,
all her life, forbidden even to look upon herself.
Now, far from seeing eyes
she floats on her back
borne by the cooling waters.
Sunrays gently touch
her exposed skin
sending warmth and pleasure.
She's lost in the ecstasy.

Soon, the water below beckons her
to sink deeper,
promising to soothe her body and soul.
Her eyes close
as the liquid caresses her light skin
To another time, Zahra is invited,
a place where only peace exists,
awaiting all who journey there.


The falls cascade down time-worn rocks.
The sounds of rushing water
fill the air.
Zahra glances up
quickly turning her head from the sun’s brilliance.
Droplets glisten
like thousands of diamonds.
Rainbows dance in the mist.
She stands first in awe,
before hearing the Sirens’ call,
“Come my beauty.
Let go.
Dance in the waters of life.”
At first hesitant,
she leaps.
Her songs of joy
become one with the cascading falls.

Fret Not

Amran held Zahra in his arms,
her body already tied from the day ahead.
He gently stroked her hair
and whispered,
“All will be well my love.
This day will turn into days,
each filled with its challenges.
But Allah our Creator is with us
leading and guiding us to our destiny.
Fret not, hold my hand
as we meet the day.”

Zahra approaches the oasis
warm from the desert heat
her veiled body
crying for the cooling waters.

Minutes later
she steps into tranquility
the liquid soothing ever pore.
Droplets on her face
now pure water glistening in the sun.
The goddess glories
in her womanhood
and the deep peace within.


Her eyes are closed
half asleep yet awake.
Tranquility reigns within,
albeit thoughts of freedom
flood her mind.
Though desert sands
isolate her physical form,
her dreams are always free.
Distant lands and warm touches
are all within her grasp.
A slow smile crosses her lips
as she drifts off to sleep.

The Stream of Life

May the mysterious sands of the desert
The winds across the Sahara
And the cooling waters of the oasis
Flow in your veins
Allowing you to never forget
who you were and who you are.


Zahra stood in the falls
the water flowing effortlessly over her lithe body.
She closed her eyes and thought of her love
and Amran's return.

His loving arms pulling her close.
He whispering in her ear,
"My darling, I love you as no other.
You are mine forever,
in this life and the next."
Warmth flowed throughout
as she anxiously awaited those moments.

After a Long Day

Zahra worked the fields
for much of the day.
The sun beat down mercilessly.
Though protected by her layers,
the perspiration trickled
down her back
like small rivulets.
Irritating droplets
hung on her eyelids
adding to her discomfort.
She longed for the shelter
of the oasis.

Finally, in early evening,
she returned to her privacy
away from foreign eyes.
She let her layers fall,
slowly moving into the water.
Looking down,
she giggled at her reflection
for a dirt streaked stranger
smiled back.
Without a moment's hesitation
she plunged
beneath the cooling waters.
All of the grime of day
dissolved into pleasure.
Floating to the surface
the moonlight reflected
against her glistening body,
this woman of perfection.

A New Year's Poem to Zahra

The moon shines above the palms
Casting stark shadows over the oasis.
I lie alone,
Accompanied only
By the noise of servants and camels.
The calendar tells me
The New Year has arrived.
Though my Zahra is miles away,
In my mind she lies with me.
I pray to Allah that she someday will again
Take her rightful place next me
And that our lips will speak as one
Declaring our love through eternity.

Giving Thanks

So much we have to give thanks
from the very air that passes through
giving us life.

To the warmth of the sun
and the chill of the wind
that leave their sensual impressions.

But on this day of thanks
I would be remiss
if I didn't look to my Creator
and shout my gratitude
for allowing Zahra
to again journey my way.

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