A Series #2
Love Poems
The Sirens

I have always wondered how the Sirens' calls sound,
.....those hauntingly alluring songs
.....that lead sailors to the rocks.
Would I fear heeding those beguiling enchantments
.....or leap forth to enjoy beyond mortal pleasure?
Could I resist the ache, the longing, the fulfillment,
.....understanding that if I turned my back,
.....the sense of loss would accompany forever?

One fateful day, I heard them.
There was no doubt who they were.
A voice sang above the others.
It was purer and hypnotic,
.....like no sound from this earth.
Her enchantress eyes bore into me
.....promising that which cannot be promised.
..........“Come, my name is Sirena.
..........Have no fear, the water is warm,
...............my embrace beyond imagination.
..........Join me, for I have been waiting for you.”

Comments: Those Sirens can get you into trouble ...:-)

The Voice

The non-descript morning arrived
little different from others.
I before my computer
deleting mundane emails,
some promising the world
through magic pills or chats,
biding time until importance
came along.

The ring and then the voice
fell upon my ear.
She worked for Ivan,
conjuring thoughts
of what a woman she must be.
As the exchanges continued,
"worldly and comfortable
in her femininity"
crossed into mind.

The voice hinted of culture
along with teasing temptress ways.
My heart jumped
though face unseen.

The voice, the voice,
had said it all.

Comments: The voice tells much.

The Raft

Only the sounds of their breathing remain
.......as they lay entwined.
Moonlight dances across their skin,
.......casting shadows on nearby vines.
Though the raft soon floats free
.......they care not the least
.......for they have stepped beyond the two
.......and discovered inner ecstasy.

Comments: Wouldn't this be wonderful?


The vineyards outside of Roma
were rich yellows, the harvest ready,
the sun intense on a late October day.
Perspiration beaded on the two lovers' foreheads.
He had longed to return to her arms,
having been gone for months,
fearing he would never touch or caress her again.
Her lips tasted sweeter than he remembered.
Despite the heat, their passion carried
them beyond oneness,
each wanting to climb into the other..

Comments: Some enjoyable fantasy.


Though the proverbial ships
passing in the night are
a mere flickering moment,
that speck nestled within infinite time
can enrich ones life.

When my eyes gazed upon her,
the sense of an old being
sent pleasure
through this mortal body.

The warm smile and gentle ways
touched the Universal
deep within.

The sharing of “Aloha”
seared my soul with joy.

“Mahalo” beautiful woman
for the gift
of a flickering moment.

Comments: The poem speaks to fleeting moments, and three brief interactions with a woman whom I sense is a magnificent person.

Moments passed, sometimes too slowly.
Days and months faded before my eyes
until I tasted her lips for the first time–
soft and gentle, the tongues barely touched.
generating moans of pleasure.
Alive, I became.
Moments pass, sometimes too rapidly.
How I wish I could push
a magical button to suspend time–
to spend more exquisite moments
savoring her lips
and hearing the voice
that first enchanted me.
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