The Eternal Walk

The two spirits walk the beach
No one knows they are there
They watch the sunrises and sunsets
Each enfolding into the other
The days and centuries pass
Oblivious to time
Sharing eternal contentment
As they learn about the other

Comments: Another poem that ties the metaphysical with lasting love – this one through eternity.
Forever Bound by Love
Whenever two souls journey in this lifetime,
.....the road is not always smooth.
Often there are ruts and bumps that jar
.....and occasionally bruise.
But more often the highway filled with beauty and love.
Excitement and anticipation abounds.
Not knowing what to expect
.....around the next turn
.....adds to the adventure.
As we steer toward the setting sun,
.....continue to hold my hand and my heart.
Know that eternity awaits us both,
.....where our two souls
.....will continue forever
.....bound by love.
Comments: Romantic view but I like it.
Return Visit to the Church

The heavy wooden doors stand closed.
But in a moment they will open
and a young man and groomsmen
will walk to the altar.
In the back stand the young bride and her father
awaiting the processional hymn.

Over forty years have passed,
and the sanctuary has changed little–
the young couple now in their sixties.

The husband looks over to his wife–
remembering the youthful face–
and sees a woman more beautiful than ever.

Comments: One Sunday we returned to the church where Jan and I were married. As I listened to the sermon, my thoughts returned to the time we were married. The poem above is the result of those thoughts.


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