Oasis Series
The Oasis

Off in the distance an oasis appears
A welcomed sight after a lifetime’s journey
What a vision to behold!
My heart overwhelmed with joy
Longing to have my thirst quenched
Longing to feel the safety of shelter and shade
Longing to be enwrapped in tranquility
The desert at one time appeared endless
Now, I will sip long from the well
My Spirit rejuvenated
Able to travel onward
......The Pond

Your day has been far too long
......with several hours to go
Take an instant
.....to live in the moment.
Travel to the pond
.....in the middle of the oasis.
Soak your tied body
.....in the warmth of healing waters.
Return rejuvenated,
.....ready to take on what remains.
Tonight, tender words
.....will make you forget all,
.....but the peaceful pool
.....where you refreshed.

The Long Road

The road seems so long.
Will the journey ever end?

Knowing the destination,
Does not the journey make easier

Regardless, the smile continues
And hope never ceases

For the Oasis with its soothing waters
The Heart Series
  • The Mended Heart

    I saw the pieces lying there
    Tears running down my face
    I gently took each piece in hand
    .....and fitted them together
    The heart began to beat again
    Stronger than before.
    The smiles returned
    ....and life went on
    Hearts beating this time together.

  • A Jewel

    Jewels are incredible stones.
    Sparkling and reflecting light,
    .....they are like no other.
    Possessing value and rarity
    .....even inciting envy and desire.
    All, wanting to own
    .....such preciousness.

    One day such a jewel
    .....arrived unannounced.
    The form was not stone
    .....but flesh and blood.
    Bearing radiant love.
    A jewel for eternity.

          The Tin Man

          Thursday, a strange thing befell me
          My heart was there and then was gone
          It happened all so quickly
          I was amazed
          Just a few words heard
          Stole it away
          I still walk around
          As if I am here
          But only my ghost
          Walks the day

The Couple

The two walk down the aisle,
......each with dreams of hope
......with a future untold.
Will contentment and joy be
......an ongoing companion
......or a fickle stranger?
The children, how many or none?
Their union, satisfying or left wanting?
Money, enough or not?
All questions left to be lived.
But today, there are dreams of hope.

Comments: Being February, there should be at least one love poem, at least somewhat of one. For most, marriage is entered into with the belief that it is "until death do us part." Regrettably, that is often not the case. Thus, as I watched a couple walk down the aisle, the above thoughts went through my mind. However, being an optimist and not wanting to put a damper on my feelings at that moment, I rejoiced in the "hope" that each brought to the ceremony.

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