Welcome to the Premium Membership Page. The names listed below are individuals who have committed to helping make the world a bit better because they have journeyed here. Each person has pledged a minimum of $20 to the charity listed or has donated a minimum of two hours toward that charity. These donations are in addition to their traditional contributions. In most cases, the members have donated more than the minimum amount of money and/or time. Most have also donated to other causes. Many, though not specifically listed below, donate both money and time. (I have listed the primary category the member mentioned.)

The date indicates the month that they received the status. All memberships will expire on January 31, 2010.

If you have not already notified Bob that you have met the requirement for this new status, please contact and tell him how you completed the requirements. (Remember, the donation must occur in 2010 to be counted.)

Minimum Membership Requirements:

  • U.S. and Canadian Subscribers
  1. Minimum donation of $20 or 2 hours of service to a secular charity. (Ideally, your donation will be a new one, not one you were going to give anyway.)
  2. Donation occurs, Bob notified, and membership awarded for the next issue.
  3. If you so choose and I would be honored, you may donate in the name of Poetical Journeys; P.O. Box 319; Fredericktown, OH 43019. You still receive the credit, but it lets the charity know what we are trying to do.
  4. Once everything is operational, participants agree to abide by the Disclaimer Form (not yet online).
  • Other Subscribers
  1. Choose the monetary amount you wish to donate to your charity of choice. (Ideally, it should be equivalent to the U.S. amounts after taking into account salary, cost of living, etc. in your country. You be the judge.) Or, you may donate two hours of service to a charity of choice.
  2. Follow Steps 2-4 above.

Privileges of Premium Membership:

  1. Altruist opportunity to improve life for others.
  2. Option to participate in future activities to be announced, e.g. double weight in contests.
  3. 10% discount on announced items including poet prints or photography.
  4. Opportunity to have fun and be involved in the PJ process.

Type of Support
Membership Date
Haven from Marion, OH American Cancer Society
Feb. 1, 2010
Elinor from Mt. Vernon, OH Central Asia Institute
March 1, 2010
Anonymous Variety of charities
June 1, 2010
Josie from Millersburg, OH Dreams on Horseback
July 1, 2010
Anonymous Variety of charities
December 1, 2010
Steffanie from Vancouver Variety of charities
December 1, 2010

As of December 3, 2010

Total Monetary Pledged: $9,900

Total Volunteer Hours Pledged: 160+

Number of Premium Subscribers: 6