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My novel Epic Journeys into Time consolidates the Epic Trilogy into one book and is written in traditional novel format. The Blast Series are entertaining and use beautiful color photographs. Epic Journeys: Paperback $13.99 Kindle $3.50 and the Blast Series: $12 per book. To learn more, go to Amazon.

During the pandemic, I wrote two additional novels under the pen name Leon Pashi. Both are romantic and erotic. I especially like the second one, Zahin and Anoop. I believe it's my best. Regarding that book, here is a portion of a great review from M.L. of Kansas, "What a beautiful, eloquently written love story! . . . a welcomed diversion and bright spot during this time of isolation during the pandemic. The plot kept me interested and excitedly turning the pages to the end. . . hot, passionate intimacy with incredibly warm tenderness which validated sacredness. . ."

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Books 1 - 8 of the Blast Series are also available.


Donate** to Poetical Journeys and the Poetical Journal (This venue will also serve as a conduit to pay Journeys Publishing consultant and service fees.)

Several subscribers to my online newsletter, the Poetical Journal, contributed donations toward the ongoing costs of publication. Over the years of publishing the PJ (since 2001), I have not charged though I have incurred over $20,000 in costs. Thus, I have decided to open the concept to others who would like to support our efforts. If you are so inclined, click on the button below to contribute.

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Prints For Sale


An Original Commissioned Poet Print (unframed) - Pictured on the left is a SAMPLE of a commissioned print purchased by a client.

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Each commissioned poem is priced individually, depending on amount of time required, e.g. travel, writing, etc. Bob will create a unique, one-of-a-kind, poetical piece. He will work personally with the customer, either via phone, email, or in person. The final work will then be printed on frameable, high quality textured or photo paper.

Since this work is very personalized and time consuming, Bob reserves the right to determine whether to accept a request. Should you be interested in more information or commissioning this ultimate gift contact Bob.

Prints For Sale





A special gift or simply for yourself is a poet print. Choose your favorite poem, let me know your interest, e.g. do you want it framed, signed, special paper, etc.

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Sample: Title Sailing Off Maui


5 x 7
8 x 10
11 x 14
Please contact me,

If you see a picture on my site, chances are it is available to order. (Please remember that copying pictures without permission is a copyright infringement. It can be expensive as I learned the hard way to the tune of $300 plus attorney fees. In case you don't realize, anytime someone downloads a picture, their information appears and can be tracked.)

Contact me for details.