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The Tao of Momentary Thoughts, my 8th book, is a compilation of vignettes, poems, and poignant quotes and is available on Amazon at $9.99. If you like the PJ, you will enjoy this book. It makes an excellent gift.
A Poetical Journey, my 9th book, is a compilation of my poems from the PJ and is available on Amazon at $9.99. If you enjoy the PJ, you will like this book. It makes an excellent gift.

Doug from Ohio recently submitted the following review for The Tao of Momentary Thoughts: ". . . I was not prepared for page 118 Should have been because of the extremely personal nature of the entire book. Please understand that the unusual length of time to finish your book (especially for a binge reader like me) was because it screamed to be read thoughtfully in increments. For me that was 10-15 pages every weekend, often in quiet . . .Thank you for "putting pen to paper" and sharing your soul. Those of us who have followed Poetical Journeys will recognize much of the content. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to share part of your journey really feel a part of it."


Charles from Park City recently wrote: "Hi Bob….I just picked up your The Tao of Momentary Thoughts.  It’s wonderful . . I love your book."

JJG recently wrote: I've read Bob's "To the End of Time" trilogy twice, each time gaining deep and deeper insights into the human condition. The three small volumes hold their own as good stories but also provide a unique glimpse into a new religious paradigm. Would that it could come to be.


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Our intrepid travelers A~ and Z~ return in an explosive novel that will challenge your thinking. The two, who recently returned from their epic journey as reported in the novel To the End of Time and Back: An Epic Journey, are destined to take another voyage through time. This one has similar attributes but with a different outcome. While love, both physical and spiritual remains paramount, there are other encounters that provide clues to solving one of humankind’s greatest mysteries–what is next beyond this world. Click here for the Amazon link. (Released 5/29/16)

My novel To the End of Time and Back: An Epic Journey is available via Amazon and Kindle. It will grab you from the start and carry you to places you have never been. The book contains many diverse ideas and is a great love story filled with adventure and intrigue. Questions? Email me. To go to Amazon, click here.


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New and Recent Site Additions

July 28, 2019: July Issue of the Poetical Journey –Though we have finished our trip to Glacier, one of our poems The Cedars and Avalanche Lake Trails takes you on a gorgeous hike via a poetical video. The poem A Miracle speaks again to a big issue. Pictorially, we stay close to home except for a few shots taken in Las Vegas, NV. Our son Craig and his wife Nicole accompanied us for this long weekend jaunt. The vignette is a power point I received ten years ago. I converted it to a video. It is worth the 1 minute and 26 seconds of your time.

July 24, 2019: Westward Ho - Glacier National Park –We finish our visit to Glacier National Park. Since it was only late spring, much of the Going to the Sun Highway was still closed. However, the 18 miles we traveled were beautiful. I hope you agree. The first poem, The Eternal Question, speaks to the "great question" and the second, Thompson Road, takes you via poetical video back to a favorite spot on Maui and includes a touch of tai chi. The vignette is a guest one from a wonderful, nationally known yoga instructor and friend, Claudia Cummins. The vignette is provided via a link. It is well-worth a read. (Click here to go to her website. The link to her vignette, Following Your North Star, appears in the vignette section.) There is also a YouTube video read by Actor Sam Elliott in honor of D-Day. Extremely moving and sobering!

June 29, 2019: Westward Ho Series - Traveling to Glacier N.P. – This page is the first of a two-part series. Pictured are shots taken on the way to Glacier National Park. There are also a brief set of welcome spring in Utah pics. (Next month will include pictures taken in the park.) The two poems, Perfection and Stability speak to a moment and desires. The vignette speaks to a Special Lunch.



>>>>> There is an extensive series of Western Ho poems and pictures on the beautiful state of Utah and the surrounding area. Click here to view the very extensive list. If you are interest in viewing the entire poetry list for this category, click here.


>>>>> I have revised the extensive section on Hawaii, especially the Maui one. You will have a much easier time searching the many poems, pictures, and recommendations. Click here to view the Hawaii Page.


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Other Recent Additions

Visits to Maui continues (Part 3) – This page made up the April Issue of the PJ. We continue our pictorial visit to Maui (Part 3). The two poems, Perspective. and Magnificent Mystery are serious, speaking to areas you may have also questioned. The vignette, mostly in poetical form this month, speaks in a sense to the mystery of time.

Visits to Maui continues (Part 2)We continue our pictorial visit to Maui. There are a number of videos that I hope you enjoy. The two poems are Hawaiian related, Lahaina United Methodist Church and Not the Same. The vignette speaks about Aloha.

Maui Again Let's take another visit to Maui (Part 1). Like many of pages on this website, this one was part of the PJ anniversary issue. Each year in the vignette I offer an update on the history of the newsletter. The pictorials are a combination of Utah winter scenes and pictures from my favorite island, Maui. There are two poems, What the World Needs Now . . . and Magical. Both are serious. One is dedicated to my mother.


My Travel Recommendations including Poems and Pictures (This content page includes visitation dates.)



Cities & Specific Locations

Australia, Bali, Belgium, Bermuda, Danube River Cruise (Prague, Czech Repulic, Melk, Vienna, Bratslavia, and Budapest), England, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, & Switzerland

Alaska, Arizona (Sedona, Havasu, Grand Canyon); Colorado, Florida Gulf Coast, Hawaiian Islands - Extensive coverage, Idaho, New England, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, & Washington

Banff, Alberta; Bryce National Park, UT; Grand Junction, CO; Hilton Head, SC; Jasper; Key West & Ft. Lauderdale; Lake Erie area; Lake Louise; Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas; Madison, IN; Nashville; Park City & Midway areas; Schnormeier Gardens; Vancouver, Vancouver Is.; Washington, D.C.; Yellowstone/Grand Tetons; Yosemite; Zion National Park, & Capitol Reef; Thanksgiving Point Gardens (SLC), Wall Lake, UT; Traveling to and Glacier National Park, MT

Westward Ho Series includes Utah area, travel there and back to OH, and surrounding states.

My books and products are purchasable online.
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My work currently appears in nine books. Three are offered for sale by me on line. To order, click here. ALL are available through Amazon,

  • A Respite in Time (2012) consists of 184 pages of vignettes, most only one or two pages in length. They provide thoughtful comments on life. Humor and narration are used to weave the writer's content. There are also travel vignettes that allow you to explore foreign lands through the written word. Each of the vignettes have appeared in Bob's newsletter over the last ten and a half years. Even if you have read many of them once, they are worth another read. The book makes a perfect gift! Paperback -- $15.00 (Reg. $18.50) & Hardback -- $24.00 (Reg. $26.50) To order, click here.
  • An Oasis in a Cluttered World (2006) is a book that allows you chapter by chapter to immerse yourself in a quiet refuge as you forget the chaos of the world. Through poems, vignettes, and recommendations it beckons you to let go, relax, and savor life’s many riches. The cost is $11 for paperback and $18 for hardcover. To order, click here.
  • Wisdom from the Journey (2004) As stated on the cover leaf, “My wish is that this reading journey will provide you with a bit of respite from everyday life, generate a few laughs, cause good feelings about yourself and humanity, encourage introspection, and at certain times twinge your conscience on critical issues and thoughts. Upon reading the last page, I hope you will smile and say, That felt good!" The cost is $10 for paperback and $17 for hardcover. To order, click here.
  • The Wanderer: A Poetical Journey (2002) is my first book. You join me on my around the world trip that I took in 2002. My copies are sold out but can be purchased through Amazon.
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