Along with traditional content, enjoy a summer visit to the floral display at Thanksgiving Point in Salt Lake City.


Entrance to Thanksgiving Point

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: Enjoy a summer visit to one of Utah's premier gardens, Thanksgiving Point. We have visited there twice before in early spring for their annual tulip festival. As you will see, the summer floral displays are also gorgeous. There are two serious poems in this issue, Poem to the People of Venezuela and When will we ever learn? #2. The vignette this month celebrates two lives.

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All the pictures that follow were taken at the display gardens at Thanksgiving Point.



Two Poems

Poem to the People of Venezuela

A faint light glows
    at the end of what appears
    an endless road.
It is dark and dank
    from a recent downpour.
This highway is cluttered
    with debris–
    perils and obstacles
    including anger, anguish,
    upheaval, and even death.
Civility remains
    only a memory.
Many question
    whether they will survive.
Prayers seem unanswered.
People weep and plead
    with famished stomachs
    and parched throats–
    yearning for relief.
Some walk
    as if in a daze
Yet, the distant light beckons,
    glimmering like the burning bush
    described centuries before.
Though faraway,
    one cannot but hear
    the Divine Voice saying,
    “I am HOPE.
All this will pass.
Light will soon shine
    upon your people

Comment: This poem was written to one of my most wonderful subscribers who currently lives in Venezuela. However, this poem could be retitled and speak to conditions in many countries.


When will we ever learn? #2

A line from a folk song of the 60s.
Young men and women
    still die in foreign lands.
Hunger ravages
    the poor,
    even in our homeland.
Racism, hatred, and prejudice
    raise their ugly heads
    binding us
    like the Gordian Knot of ancient lore.
The rich garner their millions
    while the less fortunate are blamed
    for the ills and evils.
To answer the question,
    “I guess we haven’t yet.”

Comment: The key word is "yet."








Vignette: In Honor of the 50th

The above poems are very serious so I thought I would lighten things a bit. Two friends of ours recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary. In honor of their special occasion I wrote poem below. David is a Vietnam vet who met Renate while later stationed in Germany. David is an author of two novels, and the two are progressive activists. I hope you enjoy the poem in their honor. (Pictured below is the young couple on their wedding day.)

David and Renate on their 50th

Life leads to many paths
    as we walk and meander
    along this journey.
Sometimes fate
    guides us to another
    who becomes our partner
    for this lifetime.

Such is with David and Renate
    whose lifetimes merged,
    intermingling two cultures.
Overtime, they have become advocates
    for bettering humankind,
    touching many lives
    along the way.

As they celebrate
    fifty years together,
    one gives thanks
    for all they have done,
    trusting the bonds
    that have united them
    continue to grow stronger
    as they move forward
    along their journey.

~ Bob Casey
...August 19, 201

Look carefully, you can see another hummingbird.

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Annual Labor Day Celebration in Midway, UT where we reside: The origin of the Swiss Days event date back to the late 1940's as the harvest was being completed, local farmers and ranchers got together for a celebration of bountiful harvest. "Harvest Days" became Swiss Days and presented the opportunity to dress in the traditional clothing unique to the canton or region of Switzerland where the original Midway settlers were born. Tens of thousands flock to our community of 2500 for this annual event. Pictured below are a few shots from the Saturday parade.

Pictured below: Another successful instructor training workshop led by Master Trainer Becky Rahe (first row in dark blue shirt middle) from Ohio was held in Park City over the weekend of September 14-16. This brings our total of Utah instructors to almost 50. Pictured are the participants. If you are interested in learning more about Tai Chi for Health/Arthritis and Fall Prevention, please contact me.

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