UTAH Master List

Welcome to the master page for my sojourn in Utah. You are in for a treat not only with poetry but also pictures and recommendations for this beautiful state.

There is also an abundance of information regarding surrounding states.

These pages deal with life after my move to the state in 2013. Earlier pictures, poems, and recommendations appear under the Park City designation.

This page also includes travel beyond the borders of Utah into neighboring western states. However, coverage may also occur in the Travel Section.

  • Westward Ho Trip 1 – June, 2013 (This page deals with the first trip as part of our move. Travels took us via I-90 and I-80. Enjoy this scenic trip along with two poems, An Absolute Truth and V & M Breakfast)
  • Westward Ho Trip 2 – July, 2013 (Trip 2 was the final move. Enjoy traveling I-80 and three poems The Free Homestead Concert, An Ode to the Movers, and Is it broken?
  • Westward Ho September in Midway – This page includes four poems Ride 1 Utah, A Special Tour Package, Hellos and Good-byes, and An Ode to Carol's Peach Cobbler plus a vignette and recommendations.
  • Westward Ho October in Midway – This page includes four poems September Ride, October Ride, Sights Seen, and Waiting Room plus a vignette and recommendations.
  • Westward Ho Springtime and Gardens – This page are four poems, Altitude Perspective, Late Spring Snow, Early May Ride, and The Marathon, gorgeous pictures of Thanksgiving Gardens, and a vignette regarding them.
  • Westward Ho East and Back We traveled back to Ohio in May to celebrate a BIG birthday. The vignette speaks to the celebration. Three poems are included on this page along with some recommendations. The poem titles are Understanding, Oww, aah, ouch!, and Not Just Another Day on the Trail.
  • Westward Ho – Spring in Midway – Enhancing the Sun, Comfort, and Leave me alone! are three of poems on this page. The vignette is about tai chi and its many benefits. There are spring pictures of the Midway area along with others. There is also a Midway restaurant recommendation.
  • Westward Ho – Pictorial Summary for 2015There are two poems, Who I've Become and Seatbelt On, and the vignette, What a difference 14 years make! There are also some recommendations. There are also some of my favorite pictures taken during 2015.
  • Westward H0 – The Tulip Festival – Enjoy a floral smorgasbord. The two poems are Where does the trail lead? and Home Church, and the vignette discusses familiarity.
  • Westward H0 – Springtime in Midway – The pictorial focus is on spring in the Midway area of Utah. This issue contains two poems, In Memory of Hansel and Meditation 3. Both are rather spiritual in nature. Since May is my birthday month, the vignette focuses on Birthdays. Enjoy!
  • Westward H0 – Early Fall – The pictorial focus is on early fall 2016 in the Midway area of Utah. This issue contains two poems, Our Books and The Tao. Both are spiritual in nature. There is also a vignette, The 17th World Congress, an interesting read.
  • Westward H0 – Fall (October 2016) – The focus is on fall (October) in Utah. This issue contains the largest number of pictures in the history of this newsletter. There are two poems, No Time and Flight 5305, the first serious and the second a bit tongue in cheek. The vignette discusses a mountain high.
  • Westward H0 – Colorado (April 2017) – We pictorially travel to Colorado. There are two very serious poems this month, Personal Marathon and Are We Listening?. The vignette is a unique one, A Deeper Understanding of Freedom.
  • Westward H0 – New Mexico (May 2017) – We pictorially travel to New Mexico. There are two very serious poems this month, Flashes and Dreams 2. The vignette discusses a perilous problem of which we need to address as human being, Humanity and Technology.
  • Westward H0 – Late Summer 2017 – We pictorially spend some time in an area less than 14 miles from where we live. There are two poems this month, 2 Minutes and A Bit of Wisdom. There is also a third poem for those who desire a bit of controversy. There is also a third poem for those who desire a bit of controversy. The vignette discusses whether you want to write a book.
  • Westward H0 – Zion National Park (May, 2018) – We pictorially visit Zion National park where a very special reunion occurred. The first poem, Not Alone, speaks to a deeply personal experience while the second, Early Morning Observation, is less complicated. The vignette, A Reunion with Angela, is worth a read. One of my students from Australia visited me after 38 years.
  • Westward H0 – Capitol Reef (June, 2018) – Every national park has its own personality. Capitol Reef is no exception. Enjoy your pictorial visit. The written sections focus on tai chi including the two poems which have a rich flavor of the mystical. The first, Silk Reeling through Life, will definitely have many wondering, which isn't all bad. Inward speaks to the deep level one can enter through tai chi. Both poems have a video accompaniment. The vignette, The Tai Chi Way, speaks to another path, one I have chosen.
  • Westward Ho – Southern MT and Midway Area – Originally, this issue was to be about Glacier National Park. However, due to a computer hack, we turned around and headed home. Thus, we spent a couple days capturing pictures near our home. There are a few of Montana where we overnighted. The poem, Shorts 1 from My Meditation Room, paint a word picture of my special place. The vignette, Summer Past, reminisces about summers gone. Sandra also wrote extensively about my poem Silk Reeling through Life published in last month's issue. (Incidentally, the poet/video published in that issue received over 560 views on Facebook.)
  • Westward Ho – Wildflowers, Alta, UT – Enjoy a summer visit to one of Utah's most famous ski areas, Alta. It is wildflower time there. The first poem, Who am I #2?, asks you to answer important questions. The second, Not a Star, is a bit out there. The vignette this month takes a different turn with a movie review.
  • Westward Ho – Thanksgiving Point Gardens, SLC, UT – Take a summer visit to one of Utah's premier gardens, Thanksgiving Point. We have visited there twice before in early spring for their annual tulip festival. As you will see, the summer floral displays are also gorgeous. There are two serious poems in this issue, Poem to the People of Venezuela and When will we ever learn?. The vignette this month celebrates two lives.
  • Westward Ho – Fall and Wall Lake Hike, UT – We hike to Wall Lake and enjoy the first vestiges of fall. There are two serious poems, Cherished Moments and Pain. The first poem is uplifting and asks you to remove the haze. The second poem speaks to something we all experience. Our vignette speaks on a topic whose worth is still being evaluated.
  • Westward Ho Thanksgiving The overall layout is unique on this page. There is one poem, With Gratitude and several pictures from the Midway area. Our vignette takes a world view of Thanksgiving. Enjoy
  • Westward Ho Christmas 2018Besides the two poems, A Special Prayer for You and A New Year's Prayer, which appeared a number of years ago in the newsletter, there is a vignette about taking a risk, worth the risk...:-) There are also winter pictures of the Midway area.
  • Westward Ho Annual January SummaryA few years ago I began to select my favorite pictures from the previous year and republish them in the January issue. Last year, I also included favorites from the traditional content. I continue that practice in this issue. However, there is also an eulogy to my wonderful mother passed on January 13. This issue is the last one for PJ Year 17. I hope you enjoy your walk down memory lane 2018.
  • Westward Ho Traveling to Glacier National Park – This is the first of a two-part series. Pictured are shots taken on the way to Glacier National Park. There are also a brief welcome to spring in Utah pics. The next page will include pictures taken in the park.) The two poems, Perfection and Stability speak to a moment and desires. The vignette talks about a Special Lunch.
  • Westward Ho Glacier National Park –We finish our visit to Glacier National Park. The first poem, The Eternal Question, speaks to the "great question" and the second, Thompson Road, takes you via poetical video back to a favorite spot on Maui and includes a touch of tai chi. The vignette is a guest one from a wonderful, nationally known yoga instructor and friend, Claudia Cummins. The vignette is provided via a link. It is well-worth a read. (Click here to go to her website. The link to her vignette, Following Your North Star, appears in the vignette section.) There is also a YouTube video read by Actor Sam Elliott in honor of D-Day. Extremely moving and sobering.
  • Westward Ho Midway Area & Las Vegas –Though we have finished our trip to Glacier, one of our poems The Cedars and Avalanche Lake Trails takes you on a gorgeous hike via a poetical video. The poem A Miracle speaks again to a big issue. Pictorially, we stay close to home except for a few shots taken in Las Vegas, NV. Our son Craig and his wife Nicole accompanied us for this long weekend jaunt. The vignette is a power point I received ten years ago. I converted it to a video. It is worth the 1 minute and 26 seconds of your time.
  • Westward Ho Coastal Amtrak Trip Aug. 2019 - Your pictorial travel takes you on an Amtrack trip, traveling along the coast from LA to Seattle. Gorgeous scenery and excellent food! I encourage you if you can afford it to upgrade to a roomette, more comfortable and privacy to sleep. This is the first of a two part series, the California portion. The first poem has me reminiscing about my first concert to see Air Supply and the second includes a poetical video entitled My Cane and I. The vignette discusses perceptions.
  • Westward Ho Amtrak Trip Part 2, Oregon, Seattle Flowers Sep. 2019 - Our pictorial travel takes us on a variety of events including a two-minute video of our Amtrak trip and Part 2, pictures of Oregon, and a visit to two gorgeous Seattle gardens. (Since the Oregon pictures were shot through a window, there is some degradation in quality.) There are also two miscellaneous shots taken in Midway. The poems for this month are 2 Short Narratives and Unknown Worth. (Enjoy the video that accompanies the second poem.)
  • Westward Ho Potpourri -We are all going through an experience like never before in our lifetime. Because I have been housebound for eight weeks, I was not able to do my usual jaunts to take pictures. Hence, I will use some from previous years. The two new, deeper poems are Transitions and The Infinity Pool. We also have a thoughtful guest vignette from James Magaw.
  • Westward Ho Flowers Galore -Besides the traditional content, the newsletter includes two poems, The Human Spirit and Planning. I also had a lot of fun taking close-ups pictures of flowers in our yard. I also included two beautiful shots of crab apple trees.
  • Westward Ho Swiss Days and Provo River (PJ 241 - September 2021) - Every Labor Day, the small village of Midway, UT grows from 2500 to 100,000+ from visitors who arrive to attend the annual Swiss Days celebration. Some pictures of the event are included. Jan and I also hiked along the Provo River, considered one of the best trout fishing rivers in the world. The river runs less than a quarter mile from our home. I have included pictures from that hike. The poems, Rare Ones and Translation, speak on deeper issues. Vignette adds more details to the first poem.
  • Westward Ho Fall Midway Area (PJ 242 - October 2021) - Despite the drought, we had a gorgeous fall in Utah. The three passes mentioned in the photoshoots are very close to Midway where we live. To capture the Empire and Guardsman photos, we traveled only 37 miles round-trip. We also took a toured through East Canyon, another visual extravaganza. The first poem, The Mariner, speaks about playing it safe, not taking a risk. But the symbolism of a sailboat as the safe haven is excellent because it is just the opposite. All sailors understand, that a sailboat is subject to the whims of the weather and the water around it. Qigong is a fairly recent study I have begun. Some would argue that tai chi is one form of qigong. More information appears in the vignette.
  • Westward Ho Fall & Cascade Springs (PJ 243 - Novemeber 2021) - Enjoy some final fall shots in my area of Utah. The primary focus is on Cascade Springs, a five-mile drive up the mountain from our home. The poems this month include some beautiful scenery, The Last Vestiges of Fall and Cascade Springs. The bonus poem section speaks on gratitude, especially appropriate during this Thanksgiving Season. My vignette, Stephen Smith, honors my dear friend.
  • Winter Shots of Midway Area (PJ 246 - February 2022) - The February Issue iis always a special one as it starts a new year for this newsletter which began in 2001. The vignette provides a brief history of the PJ. The two main poems, Classroom Custodians and Fireplace are new. The first speaks to a lesson I learned over the decades. The second poem provides a bit of subtle romance.
  • Egypt Exhibit (PJ 247 - March 2022) -The exhibit, Egypt: Times of the Pharaohs, was a treat to tour while in Utah. Hence, I thought I would share a few pictures of the event with you. Two of my favorite recent poems, Soundless Snow and Keyboard Warning, speak of truths. Enjoy!


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