Utah: Page 4 on the Midway - Park City area. The contents were part of the October 2013 Issue of the Poetical Journal. The poems below include September Ride, October Ride, Sights Seen, and Waiting Room. There are also a vignette, recommendations, and gorgeous pictures of the area.


    Tranquil fall scene along a bike trail in Park City, UT

.Four Poems this Month

September Ride

Fall has arrived
    in the mountains.
Flashes of color
    splash the peaks.
Each passing day
    brings more vibrance.
A short, brisk ride
    takes me to my destination.
I sit on a soft rod iron chair
    sipping tea,
    gazing, watching
    as life passes by–
    content and at peace.
Comment: I love biking the mountains!


October Ride

The Utah sun
    seems warmer
    than the indicated 58°–
    I in my bike shorts
    and short sleeved riding jersey.
Few rides remain
    in this season.
Soon, the chill
    will permeate the air
    and the white powder
    will fall.
Skinny skis
    will replace the two wheels.
But now, I sit
    at the Galleria
    sipping tea,
    life’s many cycles.

Comment: My rides are becoming less frequent as the cold is taking over. Soon it will be cross- country skiing.


Sights Seen

What have these mountains
    observed over the eons?
They gazed upon the vastness
    long before the first human imprints.
The roar of Tyrannosaurus rex
    disturbed their peace
    and their dying breath
    brought tears.
The ice ages came
    carving out the vast valleys
    yet they remained tall.
With passing centuries
    humanoids walked
    in their valleys.
The peaks smiled
    when the Timpanogots
    made their homes
    beneath their majestic shadows.
Later, the wagon trains
    completed their arduous journey
    to their promised land.
Now, cars zoom along blasted roads;
    most drivers preoccupied
    with cell calls and pressures of the day.
Mt. Timpanogos and friends grin
    knowing they will be here
    far longer than these intruders.
Comment: The tallest mountain in this area of Utah is Mt. Timpanogos (11,752 ft.) which was named by the
Timpanogots Indians. This poem came to me while taking a break on an a.m. ride.


Waiting Room

What is wrong with her?
With him?
All of us here
    for varied reasons.
Someone is coming out.
Her tear stained cheeks
    tell all.
What news will I receive?

Comment: Thankfully, my news wasn't that bad.

Bike trail in Park City, UT (Fall colors beginning)


Taken along Midway bike trail


Trout fishing along the world famous Provo River


Pre-fall scene along the arduous Soldier Hollow bike trail (In the winter these trails become cross-country ski ones. They are also ones used in the 2002 Winter Olympics.)


Rainbows are quite common in this part of Utah.


A group picnicking on this isolated mountain road and taking in the view.

Yes, it rains in Utah. I pulled over on U.S. 40 and captured this picture of sunshine breaking through the clouds.
Looking down into the Heber Valley
Climbing a narrow mountain road (eventually became a one-track lane)

Vignette this Month: Tai Chi for Health–Dr. Paul Lam

A new Utah discovery! Snow hits early. The white flakes fell on September 27 and 28, dusting the mountain tops. Thankfully, it fell only at the higher elevations. I was especially happy that the roads were not covered as I had a 45 minute drive to the Salt Lake City airport to take a flight back to Holland, Ohio for a Tai Chi for Health (TCH) in-depth conference headed by Dr. Paul Lam, founder and developer of the form.

Dr. Lam, a physician from Australia and tai chi gold medal winner, has made it his mission to "spread the gospel" for the health benefits of tai chi, especially TCH. This tai chi form, the only one approved by the National Arthritis Association, has helped thousands improve their lives. Medical research continues to support its health benefits including reduction in falls and greater flexibility. He related a story about a wheelchair bound seventy year old woman who had a variety of serious health issues. At the insistence of a friend she started TCH. She is now eighty+ and is no longer wheelchair bound. This amazing individual now teaches over twenty classes a week. Others have seen significant decrease in high-blood pressure and stress. Serious students also begin to view life differently, realizing our interconnectiveness. Another added benefit is the collegiality and social bonds that develop within the class.

Participants in TCH classes come in all shapes and sizes including the heavy set and the very thin. I have had ninety-three year olds as well as teenagers in class. You do not need to feel that you will be embarrassed. Each person progresses at his or her own rate. There is no finger pointing.

If any of the above appeals to you, I encourage you to visit Dr. Lam's site to find an instructor near you. You can also contact me if you have questions.


Koreana Sushi Bar & Lounge on 1423 Bernath Pkwy., Toledo, OH (419) 867-8080: While attending Dr. Lam's tai chi conference in Holland, OH (a suburb of Toledo), upon local recommendation a group of us decided to eat at Koreana. What a delightful surprise! We feasted on the Korea Na Special Appetizer that easily fed seven of us. For the entree I had the Dolsot Bibim Bap which was delicious. Our server, Nicole, was friendly and extremely efficient while helping us novice Korean gourmets determine what to have for dinner. I recommend this restaurant without hesitation. Up until that time none of us were familiar with Korean food. In fact six of the seven were uncertain they even wanted to eat there. When finished, all raved about our evening of feasting and fun. (Pictured below is the group.)

Continuing up the road, about five miles later

Aspens headed toward Guardsman Pass

Above and below: Scenes along the earlier described mountain road

I never tire of looking at the different faces of the mountains.
Another shot along that isolated trail
Taken in Park City

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