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  • Three Poems: The Skull of the Unknown, Choices, and The Songstress and Flute Player
  • Vignette this Month: Family
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    Wildflowers in bloom
    Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: Spring has been beautiful in this part of Utah. Pictures in this issue focus on that special time of year. There are also a number of 4th celebration shots. This issue includes the poems, The Skull of the Unknown, Choices, and The Songstress and Flute Player. Enjoy!

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.Three Poems this Month

The Skull of the Unknown

A skull rests on display
    among plastic replicas
      for a lecture on
      Becoming Human.
The anthropologist
      elaborates on brain size
      and facial structure
      but never touches
      on the humanity of this man.

Who was he,
      who once was?
Gone are the joys and agony
      that were once housed
      in this empty shell.

Rumor says
      he was harvested
      from the Ganges
      as other compatriots
      floated by.

Little did this poor soul imagine
      that sixty years in the future
      he would serve to enlighten others
      regarding the human species.

Had others also offered
      a silent prayer
      in his memory?

Comment: As described in the poem, one Sunday in Adult Forum we had a presentation on the evolution of man. This poem evolved from that lecture.


Stepping into the flames
    scorches the skin
    but purifies the soul

Likewise, diving deep into the pool
    can end a life
    but cleanses years of grime.

Fire and water,
    dichotomies we fear and love.
Each serves its purpose.

We choose
    whether to embrace the gifts
    or run,
    fearing what they offer.

Comment: I'll let you figure your own meaning out.

The Songstress and Flute Player

The voice of an angel
    and flute melodies from heaven
    lift the soul.
    as peace flows inward.
Tears cry for freedom.

Seventeen years ago
    with senses numb
    from alcohol
    she wandered the earth
    like an invisible ghost.

One day, this woman
    of the Cree Nation
    shed her cocoon
    and flew
    into the arms of her Creator
    and into a brand new day.

Comment: In June we attended a Native American flute concert. As part of her presentation one of women explained the personal journey that led her to return to her ancestral roots and learn the flute and what she believed were the healing properties of this experience. The draft of this poem was scribbled on the program while at the concert.

Floral display on bridge at Sundance Resort


With a little rain in spring cactus bloom


More cactus blossom


Wildflowers in bloom


Great spot for a picnic


Boating on a spring day on Deer Creek Reservoir

Reservoir from another angle

Aspens beginning to turn summer green

What is the 4th of July without a parade? Pictures were taken in Park City


Vignette: Family

Many jokes are written about family, often not very complimentary. For me, I have been blessed with a very special one including extended members, e.g. brother-in-laws, nieces, and nephews. I was blessed to have wonderful parents and three special sisters and later a son, daughter-in-law, and precious granddaughter. From July 10 - July 13 these gifts were reinforced when my middle sister Joy, her husband Harvey, my niece Karie, and grand nephew eleven-year old Landen visited. Great times around the dinner table to sightseeing to a first-time archery shoot to Landen's fishing, proved to be a fantastic time.

As your children grow up and leave the house, you forget the boundless energy that a middle school boy has. Between fishing, mountain biking, archery, the climbing wall, and the rides at Park City Landen on Climbing WallMountain Resort, Landen barely had time to eat. When we went sightseeing, he would catch a few zzzz and was then ready to go again. However, when sightseeing Cascade Springs, he enjoyed the short hike and tried to envision if trout were present. My wife was so moved by his behavior, especially with his interactions with Peyton, and love for life that she awarded him her small polished rock that represented the blessings he bestowed upon her during the short three-day visit.

This time also allowed us to become better acquainted with our niece Karie. Most of the time we have been in large family gatherings and never had time to talk. As we discussed education, she a dedicated teacher, and other topics, we appreciated the maturity she demonstrated. The love for her son was evident everywhere throughout her stay.

Of course, my brother-in-law Harvey, an AVID cyclist, had to mount his bike at least once. Our son took Landen and him on a short mountain bike ride. Later, Harvey rode with another fellow to whom I introduced him. He decided he will have to return to experience more of these mountains. I was happy as I usually only hear about how wonderful Colorado is.

Last but not least, is Joy. Her name describes her personality. I gave my blessing rock to her. Despite pain and discomfort she never complains. Both Jan and I loved having her visit. We wished that we lived much closer. But our welcome mat is always open to them.

I continue to work on my other two sisters to have them visit.

If you have a guest vignette you would like to submit, please do so. Not only will I enjoy reading it, but if agreeable with you and space permitting, I will print it in a future issue. The vignette should be written in paragraph form and relate a personal story or event. Equally important, it should fit the overall tenor of this newsletter. Ideally, it should not exceed twenty lines. Please send to bob@poeticaljourneys.com.



Kohinoor, Orem, UT: On our way to archery, Craig and I noticed this restaurant. A week later Janice and I decided to try out this new Indian restaurant discovery. Much to our delight the food was spiced just right. Pictured on the right is the special luncheon option, where from the menu you select two entrees, rice, small salad, naan, and rice pudding. Not only was the food excellent but the serving sizes were just right–better than the traditional Indian buffet where you tend to overeat and the food is not always hot. Besides, you have control as to the spicy heat levels.

Please take a look at the online book and gift page.


...............Luncheon serving at Kohinoor

.Robert Redford's ski area, Sundance

Looking toward Park City on Guardsman Pass

Valley view of Midway from Memorial Hill

Early June snow dusts the peaks; note the cattle grazing.

Temple Square area of Salt Lake City in late spring

.............................................................A quiet mountain stream in Little Cottonwood Canyon

We had a beautiful fireworks display in Midway. However, a portion of Memorial Hill caught on fire from the display ashes. Luckily, there was little damage.

One of the displays



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