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    Arches National Park
    Opening Comments from Bob

Opening Comments: This fall has been a beautiful one in Utah. This issue contains more pictures of late fall along with pictures from the world famous Arches National Park. The vignette also speaks to my unusual experience because of that trip. The poems, Three Views of Life, Fall Snows, and Blessed Sleep, include a serious one and two lighter ones. 

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.Three Poems


Three Views of Life

Some query,
    “Where has life gone?”
They mourn the dreams
    that never happened,
    the daily monotony, boredom,
    always craving more.

Others ask,
    “Can I have more time
    for there is much to do?
I have not traveled here
    or done that.”

Still others succinctly say,
    “I am content
    with all that has happened
    or will happen.”

Comment: This is another sipping tea poem while at the Galleria. Few live continually in the third view. On a given day one may move from one to another, depending on the circumstances.



Fall Snows

White covers the upper peaks.

Yellows and the last remnants of red
    form irregular patchworks
    on the mountainsides.
Though 45 degrees
    the chill barely
    bumps the skin.

A bit of sadness pervades
    as I sip tea at my table.
What will the season of white bring?


The Swiss chimes across the street
    with the cuckoo clock figurines perform,
    raising my spirits to a smile. 
Comment: Little such surprises enrich our lives each day. 



Blessed Sleep

I am tired.

I crave sleep.

Just let the pen
    drop from my hand,
    close my eyes,
    and sleep into the nether realm.

But the ink
    continues to appear on the page.
The paper almost slips to the floor.

What words are so imperial
    that they must be written now?


Sleep prevails.
Comment: Humorous description of a true life event.

Alpine Loop National Park, UT

Aspens turning orange early snowfall

Arches National Park

Double Arch

Another view of Arches National Park

And another view . . .

Fall bike ride along a quiet street in Midway, UT
Empire Pass road
Top of Empire Pass


Vignette this Month: For everything you have missed . . .

One of my favorite historical poets and writers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, wrote one of my favorite quotes, “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” I have found that statement true many times. Recently, it proved itself again.

On a whim Jan and I decided to visit Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in southern Utah. Once the decision was made, I quickly booked a room for the next night at the Moab Hampton. The next day we departed.

But our plans changed. The pictures of the Arches National Park were to be accompanied with pictures of Canyonlands National Park. It is right across the road from Arches. We stayed in the Arches well into sunset capturing the enclosed photos. We happily but tiredly headed into the town of Moab to stay in our booked room. On the way we hungrily discussed where we would eat.

But that was not to be which I quickly realized by the expression on the desk clerk's face! To my shock and for the first time in decades of travel, I had mistakenly booked the night before at the Moab Hampton. The clerk showed me the "No show" marked on the booking. To make matters worse there were no rooms available or at the sister resort. To add additional salt to the situation, I was docked $238 for the no show. With head hung low and depressed I informed Jan. We decided to head back to Midway, a five-hour drive at night on unfamiliar roads that often have wildlife taking an evening stroll.

An hour out we neared the town of Green River and on another whim checked possible places to stay. We booked one of the last two rooms at the Comfort Inn. Famished, based upon the hotel clerk's recommendation, we headed downtown to Ray's Tavern. What a hopping place it was! The food was delicious including a Utah beer that I enjoyed. (Yes, my friends, there are breweries in this state.) We had a great time listening to river rafters and a group of geologists enjoy their evening. Jan and I thought about how much more fun this restaurant probably was compared to where we had planned to eat. The next morning, being that Green River is the melon center of Utah, we purchased several ripe off the vine melons from a stand across from the Inn.

We enjoyed a leisurely, gorgeous drive to Provo and discovered by pure luck one of the best lunch locations in our many years of travel, The Spoon, housed in the modern Nu Skin Innovation Center. High tech, stylish, unbelievably delicious, reasonably priced food describe this dining experience. To add, the service was fantastic. One large wall is alive with a magnificent AV presentation that makes you think the 22nd Century has arrived. Both restaurants described are vastly different but fun places to dine. Finally, I also captured several fall shots that were not available on the drive down. (See pics below.)

Now back to my earlier premise: missed the overnight in Moab and the Canyonlands shoot but discovered two wonderful restaurants including the interesting small community of Green River along with shooting two beautiful fall scenes and a cool pumpkin patch (See below.).

My Three Quality Pics Taken on the Road back to Midway

While driving through the side streets of Provo, having made a wrong turn, we came upon this pumpkin patch. Of course, we had to stop and purchase one along with a butternut squash. Everything was on the honor system. You dropped your money in the pass through mailbox. From the instruction sign this annual event has been going on for many years. Fun time!


The Spoon, housed in the modern Nu Skin Innovation Center in downtown Provo. High tech, stylish, unbelievably delicious, reasonably priced food describe this dining experience. One large wall is alive with a magnificent AV presentation that makes you think the 22nd century has arrived.

Ray's Tavern in Green River, UT: What a hopping place it was! The food was delicious including a Utah beer that I enjoyed. Jan said it was one of the best burgers she has ever had. My veggie burger with freshly cut fries was a taste treat. Be sure to enjoy the homemade apple pie. (Friends of ours told us that whenever their son visits them that he makes a 3+ hour drive from Salt Lake City to enjoy a meal there.)

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Looking toward the cloudy ran

Looking toward Mt. Timpanogos on an early fall day

Aspens on Empire Pass

Valley of the Gods, Arches National Park
Final burst of color at Sundance Resort


Hole in the Wall, Arches

Balanced Rock

Delicate Arch

One of the first open views at Arches


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