The focus is on spring in the Midway, UT, area along with a bit of tai chi and the 4th of July.



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Three Poems: Enhancing the Sun, Comfort, and Leave me alone

Vignette this Month: Tai Chi, A Way of Life




    Crabapples in bloom
    Opening Comments from Bob

This Issue: This month we stick close to home, focussing on the Midway, Utah area. Its three poems are Enhancing the Sun, Comfort, and Leave me alone!. The first includes a poetical video and deals with a favorite activity of mine, tai chi. The second focuses on a warm, human scene I observed and the third takes a tongue-in-cheek look at air travel (Yes, again...:-). Of course, there is also the traditional content that appears in each issue. I hope you enjoy!

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.Three Poems

Enhancing the Sun

On a muggy summer day
    strangers gather for a week
    to learn to dance
    the dance of Sun 73.

With patience and care
    master trainers
    coach and cajole
    as “carrying the tiger”
    and “leisurely tying coat”
    become more than mere terms.

Slowly and softly individuals
    meld into the spirit of one,
    flowing like the wind.

Friendships form–
    united by the shared journey.

Comments: This video is about the tai chi form Sun (pronounced like "soon") 73. The course title was "Enhancing Sun 73," hence the poem title. Pictured are some of my instructors and classmates that posed for me. The poem epitomizes the friendships that develop while attending one of Dr. Paul Lam's workshops. This annual week-long one was in Forest Grove, Oregon. (Participants gave me permission to use their images.) This poem on Facebook received the most views of any I have written, over a thousand opens.


A little boy’s tears flow
    in this foreign land,
    the airport.

Dad bends down
    lifting up the child,
    kissing the forehead.

Soon, the little one
    is at peace.

If only all pain
    could be resolved
    with this simple act of love.

Comment: On a recent trip, waiting to board the plane, this brief scene of life occurred.

Leave me alone!

All in their own world,
    noses in iPhones or iPads.
Only a few talk
    to seat mates-
    mainly young guys
    conversing with women.
Definite signals to leave me alone~
    earbuds blocking,
    discouraging a neighborly greeting.

Soon in the air
    where general human silence will reign–
    laptops open and book pages turn–
    though one fellow is still working it.
Seldom is there anyplace
    with such close proximity
    that so little will be said
    in a three-hour time.

But wait!
On landing almost all begin to talk
    as if the stranger is now a short term friend.
Alas, the poor fellow swung,
    strike three.

Yes, on a typical flight,
    this one Delta 922.

Comment: As you know from recent poems, I am fascinated with modern air travel and the subculture of behavior that has evolved over the decades. The whole "leave me alone" or "don't bother me" attitudes are becoming more prevalent not just on planes but with society in general.

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Video that adds more meaning to the poem Enhancing the Sun.


(lf-rt) Master Trainers Becky and Bill, Senior Trainer Linda


Beautiful wall hanging I won. Over 57,000 stitches produced this masterpiece. It is entitled Fan Appliscape and was created by Betty Scanlon. She creates these works of art each year and donates them for scholarship fund-raising purposes.


Paddleboarding on Jordanelle Reservoir


Pansies in bloom


Spring in full bloom.

And more

Vignette this Month: Tai Chi, A Way of Life

I have written about the Chinese ancient martial arts of tai chi chuan before but will take a slightly different direction this time. To review briefly, tai chi, as it is popularly referred to by many, is thought of in the States as primarily an exercise form, mainly practiced by seniors. It is known for its slow, graceful moves and is sometimes referred to as meditation in motion. An abundance of recent research supports its many health benefits from improving balance and mental acuity to reducing blood pressure and stress. Conclusions seem to indicate that we would be a healthier nation if both young and old made tai chi part of their daily routine. With the appropriate instructor and listening wisely to one's body the injury rate is one of the lowest for any sporting activity. With the proper instructor tai chi is even available to the wheelchair bound.

But tai chi can become much more than simply an exercise regime. When the principles and concepts are interwoven into daily life, one not only reduces stress but also looks at life differently. "Being where you are at is where you are suppose to be at" becomes more acceptable. The unhealthy need to always compete and to beat oneself up because you have not reached a certain artificial goal are no longer necessary. "Rush, rush, rush" becomes far less important. Much less gnashing of teeth! The cliche "Taking time to smell the roses" becomes far more important. No way does any of this mean that excellence is no longer important. You simply approach it in a healthier less combative way, thus, doing much less harm to your body. Does this mean you walk on water? No, instead you flow through it as you deal with the daily challenges that we all face. Along the way, you meet others who comprehend what you understand and share a bond that is difficult to define in words.

If you believe that tai chi might be of interest to you, I encourage you to visit Dr. Paul Lam's website and find a certified instructor near you. If you decide to pursue this idea, please let me know. I would be happy to assist in anyway that I can.

If you have a guest vignette you would like to submit, please do so. Not only will I enjoy reading it, but if agreeable with you and space permitting, I will print it in a future issue. The vignette should be written in paragraph form and relate a personal story or event. Equally important, it should fit the overall tenor of this newsletter. Ideally, it should not exceed twenty lines. Please send to bob@poeticaljourneys.com.

Beautiful estate near our home
A much more upscale neighborhood across the road


Wasatch Back Grill and Deli, Heber City, UT: This small locally owned restaurant is a favorite place for me to grab a quick lunch. I especially enjoy the homemade soups and bread rolls–the creamy tomato basil is the best I have ever had. Many enjoy the burgers, offering an excellent variety of options. In the evening I enjoy the fried halibut dinner. (As far as I am aware this is the only restaurant in the area that offers this meal.) Trip Advisor currently ranks this restaurant as number two of fifty-one restaurants in the Heber City area. It was number one for many months only recently replaced by a new upscale restaurant that recently opened. For price, it is still #1.

Please also take a look at the online book and gift page.

Owner Mike waiting on a customer
Master soup makers and cooks at work–John on the lf. and Jim on the rt.



Coming into Midway
Nearby ranch

Two favorite summertime passions - fly-fishing and rafting the Provo River through the gorge. They fish around the rafters. The trout was caught and immediately released.


Of course, being July, I had to include one firework display. The picture is a collage of four shots I took at our Midway celebration.


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