The pictorial focus is on early fall in Utah


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  • Two Poems: Slavery and Adelyn Londyn
  • Vignette this Month: Dr. Ed
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    Among the Aspens

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.Two Poems


The seasonal leaves
    perform their annual show
    of reds, oranges, and yellows.
Sights of glory unfold.
Oblivious, the young man’s eyes
    stare trancelike into his iPhone,
    checking email and latest stock reports.

In another venue not too far away
    the sun still shines,
    with a mere nip in the air.
A perfect fall day.
In the mall lot a cloud of concern
    masks a woman’s face,
    having just discovered her credit cards
    were left at home
    and only $200 in her purse.
Her day is ruined.
No shopping spree this Saturday.

Just down the road,
    a homeless person reaches out,
    “Please, my children are hungry.”
The businessman sidesteps
    and looks with disdain.
Revulsion abounds.
“A useless human being,”
    he mumbles to himself.

The worship of mammon
    consumes the soul.
These invisible shackles bind,
    denying happiness.
Believed free,
    slaves nevertheless.

Comments: All the wisdom books teach of detrimental effects of loving mammon. There was a time in this country when the dream was of a white picket fence and a happy family. For many those days have passed. The dream instead is of money and making more and more to purchase things. In a sense, buy happiness. A billion dollars is no longer enough. The required amount is infinite. (As many of you know, I am sometimes inspired to write a poem from a speech or sermon. This poem was generated from a sermon I recently heard by Rev. Charles at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Park City.)



Adelyn Londyn

Welcome to the world!
What a struggle you and your mother
    have weathered.
We trust it has made you strong
    to face adversities and challenges
    in the future.
Like your sister Peyton
    you are already well-loved.
May joy, peace, and good health
    be your partners throughout life.
May love be your eternal companion.

Comment: Our second granddaughter was born this month, 6 lbs. 15 oz. What a joy to our family!

Up ahead is the summit of Guardsman Pass.


Top of Empire Pass


Mountain bike in the aspens


St. Luke's Episcopal Parking lot following service

A favorite fall aspen shot

Alpine Loop shot

Vignette this Month: Dr. Ed

In youth you meet someone and move on realistically expecting the momentary friendship to dissipate with time. For me that occurred with most. Fond memories are all that remain of those ties. However, there are the rare ones where the bonds of friendship survive the passing years. Such a one is with Dr. Ed., or as he was known by me and other college classmates as Carroll. I forget the steps that led to the decision but we decided to become senior dorm roommate. He was majoring in Christian music while I was planning to enter the ministry. Our year together had its ups and downs. We laughed, argued, and enjoyed our year together. He loved music and would often break into song or directing an imaginary choir. I, who could not carry a tune, mostly looked on in amazement or disbelief unless I was studying for a test or writing a paper. Then I suggested he take his choir elsewhere.

Over the months and years to follow our friendship evolved to the extent that he served as best man in my wedding and I in his.

With the passage of time Ed eventually took a professorship at a small university in Washington where he garnered many honors and accolades and I in the fields of education and writing. For the first couple decades occasional visits occurred. However, with time the gaps of separation increased, the longest being the most recent, 20+ years. Thus, when I discovered that he would be traveling cross country and his route would take him near my home, I Facebooked him and asked him to make it happen. Thus, on a warm, gorgeous Utah day, we met for seventy minutes in McDonalds, just off of I-80. We swapped stories and updates, laughing, just as if we were again 21 years of age.


The annual event, Swiss Days

Recommendations – This one is in Ohio.

Little Lebanon French & Lebanese Bistro, Columbus, OH: If you happen to be in Columbus and are looking for delicious ethnic food served in a low-key atmosphere, you can't go wrong by stopping at this small restaurant located at 8495 Sancus Blvd. I return to the area in late October and plan to feast there again.

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Continuing on Alpine Loop.
Both views heading up Empire Pass
Both pictures are taken on Empire Pass
This picture and the two below were taken on Empire and Guardsman passes



    Westward Ho

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