Obviously the Poetical Journal Christmas issue for 2015


Enjoy the early winter shots taken in the Midway area.

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Opening Comments from Bob

This Issue: As is tradition, the December PJ is sent out on Christmas Eve. It is always a brief one as far as traditional content but is LARGE in terms of seasonal greetings and best wishes.

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.Two Poems


Another year has passed.
      Where has it gone?
      Where have they gone?
Only yesterday, one dreamed of what could be.
      Now, they have faded.
      Only memories remain real.

Within a small voice whispers,
      "Do you not understand?
      Life is the dream.
How we choose to use those moments
      creates not only memories
      but also dreams.
Seize them like precious diamonds.
For the sparkle and glitter
      reflecting from them
      will reveal what still can be."

Comment: Except for the final call, it is never too late. (The original poem was written over ten years ago. The above is a substantial rewrite of it.)


A Gentle Breeze

Why not live life
    like the gentle breeze?
Coming quietly,
    offering a refreshing breath.
Caressing all
    with whom you brush against.
Leaving delightful sensations
    of your visit.

Comment: None needed (Again an old poem fitting for Christmas, really anytime of the year.)





Early snow on the mountains
Kicks off the Holiday Season.
A few of the winners at the annual charity Heber City Gingerbread House competition



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