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This pages contains two poems, Who I've Become and Seatbelt On, and the vignette this month, What a difference 14 years make! There are also some recommendations.



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.Two Poems

Who I've Become

The tiny baby sleeps,
      waiting for life
      to unfold.

Moments, years,
      and decades pass

Looking back,
      what does one see?
A life fulfilled
      or one wasted.
Perhaps a mix
      of dreams lived
      and unlived.

What have I become?
No, whom have I become?

Comments: As I have aged, my amount of introspection has increased greatly. Hence, such poems as above.



Seatbelt On

Will the light ever go out?
No bumps.
The air is smooth.
Others are out and about–
      mainly the parade to the head.
Back to the days of pen and paper
      trying to write a poem.
Nothing comes to mind.

Comment: While flying I often write poetry, usually directly to my computer. However, on this flight the computer was stowed away in the overhead. Since the seatbelt light was on, I could not get it down. (We were well into forty minutes of the flight.) Consequently, this short poem was written on the back of a napkin. Now, I put my computer in a briefcase and stowe under the seat.

At this that time of year various types of ice sculptures begin to appear.


Another example


A tree receives constant spray forming an ice encasement.

A herd of elk down from the mountains wintering in a development near my home.

Winter street scene in Salt Lake City

Vignette this Month: What a difference 14 years make!

On February 10, 2002 this newsletter started. Over the last weeks, as I considered what to write for a vignette, I decided to share some personal information regarding my time during those years. As with many of you, they have been filled with outstanding joy but also many challenges. Health wise, to name just a few, I have experienced open-heart surgery, a second life-flight via helicopter, a second major surgery and three minor ones, and ten years of suffering with trigeminal neuralgia, a horrible condition. Despite all, I am proud that I never missed a PJ deadline. Also to my sorrow, two of my dearest friends passed. From these challenges I have learned many positive lessons and still love life.

Many of the joys I have shared with you in the past issues including wonderful family ties and ongoing relationships with friends. In 2009 I left the traditional work world having enjoyed an extremely rewarding career. Other pluses include leaving Ohio to live in Utah near our son, daughter-in-law, and now two young granddaughters; authoring five books and contributing to two others; having my photographs appear in Better Homes and Gardens and an internationally award winning book; traveling to some gorgeous and sometimes exotic locations; making new friends, and currently teaching five tai chi classes a week. Philosophically and spiritually, I believe I am a bit wiser. For that I am grateful.

The above are only snippets, pieces of a puzzle, of the last fourteen years. Combine the above with many other factors, and you have a human being who sends you a monthly newsletter called the Poetical Journal. For your readership and friendships I have garnered over the years, I am appreciative.

If you have time, share with me one or two of your snippets from your last fourteen years.

Looking toward the mountains on street 600 S in Heber City, UT

....................................Looking across the pastures toward the mountains


Snake Creek Gill, Heber City, UT: While I realize that few or perhaps none of you will make it to this area of Utah, but just in case, I am recommending a local restaurant that serves superb upscale food. The selections include beef, a variety of fish options, not common to this area of Utah, game such as elk, and vegetarian options. The restaurant is open only for dinner. It is one of my favorite places to dine for special occasions.

Take time to give thanks!

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