This issue focussed on the early arrival of Fall in this area of Utah. There is also a synopsis of a great conference I attended in San Francisco.


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    A bit of red as the colors begin to change

    Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: It has a combination pictorial focus, early fall in our area of Utah and the 17th World Congress for Qigong, Tai Chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. The two serious poems are Our Books and The Tao. The vignette speaks to my attendance at the 17th World Congress.

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Aspens beginning to change

.Two Poems

Our Books

Joyce, in her ninth decade,
      unfolds a ring-bound book,
      notes in red scribbled
      between the lines.
“Here is my life,
      but I have more to write,”
      she states.

Then she shows
      a preciously held picture.
The image of a young sailor
      smiles to the world.
“That was my husband,”
      she replies.

Her words and images
      contain the memories
      of a life well-lived.

We each own a similar book,
      the pages different
      but yet the same.
As we write and scribble,
      may the narration
      ultimately be filled with peace.

Comment: None needed.

The Tao

Open, feel the wave,
      the Source of All.
Let it carry you.
Bathe you.
Cease struggling.
You are merging
      with the rhythm
      of timelessness.
In the mist of chaos
      peace will reign
      and the dance prolific.

Comment: Interpretation is up to you.

Open range in the mountains so you have to watch for livestock on the roads



Riding the streetcar in San Francisco



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Aspens changing
End of season sailboats on the Jordanelle

Vignette this Month: 17th World Congress

Have you ever received an invite, decided to accept, and discover the event opened your eyes to new horizons? In a sense, that is what recently happened to me. As most of you know, I am a tai chi instructor along with a writer and photographer. As part of continuing education, I subscribe to tai chi master Bill Douglas' newsletter which comes out weekly. In early August, I received an issue announcing that subscribers could attend the 17th World Congress for Qigong, Tai Chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in San Francisco at a deeply discounted rate. It was being held over the long Labor Day Weekend. After mulling it over, Jan and I decided to attend. The experience opened our eyes to a world that I was somewhat aware but only had an inkling of understanding.

Friday evening opened with a traditional lion dance (See video below.) and provided an overview of the speakers to come. A.M. Saturday's agenda included credentialed scientists and physicians from some of the top universities in the U.S. As individuals and as a group they revealed their research on the power of the human mind and the energy that exists to cause miraculous happenings, at least as we currently define such events. During the various breakout sessions, I became more amazed at recent discoveries regarding the positive impacts that qigong, tai chi, and TCM are having on health. Several examples were even given of individuals recovering from Stage 4 cancer. A renowned nutritionist trained at Harvard and also a practicing medical doctor spoke on how diet change alone healed previously diagnosed terminally ill patients.

I could go on regarding many issues such as prescribed medications are now the No. 4 cause of death in the U.S. But the purpose of this short vignette is not to share entirely three intense days of knowledge. Instead, should an invitation arrive that may take you out of your immediate comfort zone, let me suggest that you assess and, if the circumstances are right, accept. I am so happy we did.

                                                                  Red among the aspens


Add some tai chi or qigong to your life (Read the vignette for more details.)


Practicing tai chi at a roadside rest areaPracticing tai chi at a roadside rest area in Idaho


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Sparkling mountain stream near home

Rock Cliff near Kamas, UT

Colors peaking out along the mountainsides



Provo River flowing into the waterfall below

Provo River Waterfall near our home

17th World Congress for Qigong, Tai Chi, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco, Sep. 2-5

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On Friday we opened with a traditional lion dance. Since then, we have been wowed with experts, masters, and top in their field authorities with alternatives to traditional Western medicine.

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The Saturday night banquet had an incredible array of talent including 10-piece Chinese Orchestra, Grand Avenue Follies, and a martial demo by members of the Shaolin Temple. Sadly, I did not capture some of the most amazing feats. Here is a taste.


                                    Along Fisherman Wharf in San Francisco


                                                            Ferry passing Alcatraz Island


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