This issue's pictorial focus is on Fall sharing her glory in the Midway, UT area.

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This Page: It attempts to capture in pictures some of Fall's glorious display. There are two poems, No Time and Flight 5305, the first serious and the second a bit tongue in cheek. The vignette discusses a mountain high along with a bonus third poem. The recommendation is a bit more involved than usual.

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Aspens at the top of Guardsman Pass

.Two Poems

No Time

Trying to relax,
do I have time?
I have much
to do.
can wait–
the story of
modern times.

Comment: None needed.

Flight 5305

As the plane rides
      the air waves,
      the herd remains jammed
      into far less than comfortable seats.
Finally, the seatbelt light dims.
Time to stretch
      while others rush to the back corral
      ignoring the no line rule.
In mere hours,
      we travel
      where forefathers suffered
      the travails of months.
Bump, bump,
      turbulence again reigns.
At last,
      the much awaited safe descent complete.

Comment: A bit of tongue in cheek regarding modern air travel.

Wolf Creek Pass area

Another picture near the top of Guardsman Pass



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All the pictures that follow were taken either on Empire or Guardsman Passes. (We will eventually go to Wolf Creek Pass)

Vignette: Mountain High

John Denver, more years ago than I like to think, sang about a Rocky Mountain High. Today, with the legalization of marihuana in Colorado that phrase embraces yet a different image. However, my mountain high has nothing to do with drugs but the effects of staying overnight in a mountain lodge amidst majestic peaks. Silver Fork Lodge, located near Brighton and Solitude Ski areas in the Cottonwoods, is the inn that offered me the opportunity to inhale the clear mountain air, feel the early morning chill that braces one for the day, hike trails that take you to even higher altitudes while keeping close watch for moose, and enjoy organic, delicious food around a fire. The Lodge is noted for its breakfasts, with people traveling for miles to sample from its unique, diverse menu. Since I prefer not to drink and drive, the overnight allows me to sip my wines into the evening before retiring in an opulent but rustic bed. The rooms are what you would expect, plenty of wood showing sans TV and internet connection. Oh yes, you have plenty of time to write including putting the final touches on this month's issue of the PJ.

A Late Fall Dine at Silver Fork Lodge

The hummingbirds
      no longer sip from the feeders,
      having fled to warmer climes.
The portable propane heaters
      are lit to reduce the chill
      for diners braving the outdoor tables.
The air is crisper,
      the skies bluer.
Soon the blanket of winter
      will cover the decks.
But for now,
      one marvels at the golden majestic peaks
      rising before our eyes.



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                        Though instruction can be serious, there are also lighter moments.

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                                  The pictures that follow are of Wolf Creek Pass





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