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    Tulips, Thanksgiving Point (April Issue)


    Opening Comments from Bob

This Issue: This month, we enjoy pictures taken over the last year, PJ Year15. I always choose some of my favorites. I also list the issue in which they appeared. The three poems this month are Lost in Time, Silent Music, and Asking For. Each in its own way speaks to the mystical. The vignette speaks to family. There is also the traditional content that appears in each issue. I hope you enjoy!

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Dock area at Clear Fork Reservoir, Ohio (November Issue)

.Three Poems this Page

Lost in Time

      in quiet thought,
I peer at the clock,
      the minute hand
      has ceased its circular journey.
Batteries dead?
Moments later,
      the hand
      moves on.

Comment: This event actually happened to me, almost mystical.

Silent Music

The music for meditation
      plays softly
      asking the mind
      to hear but let go–
      an imperial dichotomy.
To where does emptiness lead?
Is inner peace
      truly obtainable?
The music plays on.
The mind refuses to let go
      as sleep
      overtakes the soul.

Comment: You interpret.

Asking For

The mother holds the newborn
      to her breast
      nursing the child.
For now,
      asking for nothing.

The hero leaps,
      saving another,
      expecting nothing in return.

The seeker seeks,
      traveling a path
      often lonely and forbidden.
In the end
      asking only for answers.

The pure spirit walks the earth
      offering love,
      spreading kindness,
      asking for nothing.

Comment: There are many more examples that could have been added to the poem. However, there are few who exemplify the last stanza.

This time of year many bougainvillea bushes are in bloom and seen along the road and yards on Maui. (February Issue)


Some of my tai chi students enjoying a Chinese feast following our local celebration of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day on April 30. (May Issue)


Enjoying beach life late in the afternoon in Waikiki (November Issue)


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A very enjoyable Tahiti Mana dance presentation (15 seconds) - Waikiki (November Issue)

A panoramic picture of Baby Beach (far end of Baldwin Beach) on Maui (March Issue)

The Tulip Festival displays over 250,000 tulips including over 100 varieties. (April Issue)

Vignette this Month: My Family

When I moved to Utah, I promised my now 93 year old mother that I would try to return for a visit every 6-8 weeks. Over the last 3.5 years I have attempted to fulfill that promise though sometimes a bit late. Thus, Christmas became that time for a return visit.

These visits entail more that seeing mom. They involve my family My youngest sister Pat, who serves as mom's full-time caregiver always provides a touch of humor and a reality check for me as she selflessly gives her love to a woman who has weathered many battles and is in need of constant care. Though mom lost her ability to speak clearly due to a stroke six years ago, somehow Pat understands what she wants.

My middle sister, Joy, exemplifies what her name says. Despite pain and tribulations she smiles and laughs as if her body remains the same as her youth. Her family and commitment to her responsibilities are always her priorities. Trying to get her to sit down and rest is a true challenge.

G. Larraine, my oldest sister, has strong opinions but a soft heart, especially when it comes to family. She loves and would give her life for her grandchildren. Her creative talents abound; mine pale to hers.

My father, who passed years ago, left a wonderful, indelible mark on each of us. As I grow older, I find that I have inherited many of the idiosyncrasies that I use to raze him about.

Despite our diverse personalities, different political leanings, and varied health issues, we are and remain a family, ready to defend each other and face the world and all it offers and throws at us. When comedians joke about the dread of spending holidays together, I feel sorry that they don't have a family like mine. The word "blessed" describes my life.

I would enjoy hearing from you about your families.

                  Turtle Bay Resort – the ocean put on quite a show for us. (November Issue)


Restaurant: The Empire at 138, Tiffin, OH: We returned to Tiffin to visit a friend. (We lived tCourtesy of their websitehere for 2.5 years.) To our surprise a new restaurant has opened, The Empire at 138. We were surprised by the fine service and high food quality at this beautifully remodeled facility. It would compete favorably with most top notch restaurants found in large cities. Jan's bourbon braised short ribs were delicious and my black'n tan rice saute provided wonderful nuances of flavor. The creme brulee was the best I have ever tasted, and I am not a novice having tasted this favorite dessert at many restaurants throughout the world. I highly recommend that if you are in the area for dinner that you make a reservation (419-448-7733) to dine there. If Gaby is working, ask for her to be your server. (Closed Sundays and Mondays – picture courtesy of their website)

Movie: Hidden Figures is a beautiful but sad story that has been conveniently left out of our school history books. One of the best movies I have seen in recent years. A brilliant story!

Book: Astrophysicist and television personally Neil deGrasse Tyson's My Favorite Universe is a fascinating read. He artfully tweaks the imagination as the mind tries to grasp the enormity of space. I have pulled a few of those facts below. If they interest you, then you will probably be enraptured with the book.

A field of yellow below the Wasatch Mountains
The Stream Garden in Schnormeier Gardens. "The focal point . . . is a four hundred foot long, six hundred gallon per minute roaring mountain stream cascading through densely planted adjacent beds and falling fifty feet in that distance." (June Issue)

Above: Schnormeier Gardens – The Japanese tea house designed to scale (June Issue)   

Below: July Issue


There are a number of falls along old Rt. 30 in OR. Pictured is Multnomah Falls (July Issue)

Red among the aspens (September Issue)

Winter chill (December Issue)

Guardsman Pass (October Issue)



       Tahiti Mana is a dance company interested in preserving their culture. (November Issue) Below Mt. Rainier as we were leaving Washington (August Issue)


Below: I had a wonderful time offering this 90-minute introductory workshop. My former yoga instructor and friend Claudia helped set these events up. They were held at a beautiful new facility, Mind, Body and Align. (Both sites are worth a visit!)

Following the introductory workshop, I invited some of my former Ohio students to join me in a reunion practice. I enjoyed renewing tai chi friendships. (November Issue)


                                             Tulip Festival, Thanksgiving Point, Salt Lake (April Issue)

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                                Enjoy the Christmas lights at Temple Square, Salt Lake City (December Issue)


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