On this page we focus on Zion National Park. The vignette discusses a special reunion.


All the pictures on this page were taken at Zion National Park.

Opening Comments from Bob

Adelyn: An Epic Journey is the third in the series and can also be read as a standalone book. Beyond Time and Back: An Epic Journey was the first in the series followed by the second, What's Next ~An Epic Journey. Each tackles topics that impact us all. Any of the three books are great gifts to the open, spiritual seeker and/or the broad-minded. Besides, they are a GOOD read! All three of the novels are available on Amazon.

This Issue: This month, we pictorially visit Zion National park where a very special reunion occurred. The first poem, Not Alone, speaks to a deeply personal experience while the second, Early Morning Observation, is less complicated. The vignette, A Reunion with Angela, is worth a read..

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Two Poems

Not Alone

Reading tonight,
    tears well within.
My wife lays quietly asleep,
    oblivious to the emotions
    reverberating through my mind.
Quietly, I rise to write,
    driven by the afterglow,
    wishing to prolong the moment
    with the Universe.
Desiring to share.

Over time,
    I’ve sensed the guides and spirits
    providing clarity
    along with added mystery.
Offering assistance
    along the way.
Yet, long ago,
    I realized that words
    cannot capture these Infinite experiences.

Comments: This poem was originally entitled Alone when the first version was written on 5/1/00. A minor revision occurred on 2/5/14. As I looked for a poem for this month, I chose to rewrite it, taking a different direction, one I quite like.

Early Morning Observation

Again, early to meet the day.
The airport
    is quiet before the sun rises.
Passengers sit with little to say,
    noses in papers, iPhones, or iPads.
One ponders,
    each exists like me
    with hopes and desires–
    wishes, some simple,
    others more complicated.
All traveling to varied destinations
    carrying those with them.

Comment: Another airport poem where I often have time to write. I like to be to the gate early.


Angela and I posing during our reunion (See vignette below.)


Angela and her family including her mother.


Angela and daughter Katie taking in the sun at Zion Inn.





Vignette: A Reunion with Angela

In 1980, I was privileged to be awarded a teaching Fulbright to New Zealand. I was one of two American teachers selected for a year-long exchange to this marvelous country. I was assigned to Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School (PNINS) in Palmerston North on the North Island. (A normal school is like our university schools tied to a nearby college or university.)

As you would expect, the exchange was life-changing. My world views were broadened, and friendships were made that have lasted a lifetime. During the year, I became close with many of my eleven and twelve year old students. Several remained in contact with me for many years. But this vignette is primarily about one, Angela. I remember vividly one day asking this twelve year old about her life goals. Without hesitation, she said, "I plan to become a model." On one occasion, I took a picture of her eating a smore, her first modeling gig. That slide became part of a presentation that I gave to various groups upon my return to Ohio. I always related the story that she planned to become a model.

Fast forward to five years ago. To my surprise, Angela friended me on Facebook. As we messaged back and forth, we agreed to meet should I be Australia or she in the U.S. About a year ago, Angela said she would be spending five-weeks touring the U.S. Thus, we set a time. When she and her family were in Las Vegas, they would drive to Zion National Park, and Jan and I would make the four hour drive south.

Though thirty-eight years had passed, we immediately recognized each other. Along with Angela was husband Barry, her mother Natalie, and youngest daughter Katie. We spent a wondrous day touring the park via the its bus system along with enjoying a reunion lunch at Zion Inn. Yes, Angela became a model and still models part-time in Australia. She recently earned her MBA and currently works at a university..

In the end, I was honored that she wanted to have a reunion and the opportunity to catch up on the life of what was once a twelve year old student. I was pleased that she still remains a beautiful human being and truly enjoyed meeting her family. A teaching career offers many such reward!.




Cedar City, UT: This community is a great place to stay and is a jump off for several national parks including Zion, Bryce, and Capitol Reef. There are an abundance of places from which to choose. I highly recommend the Holiday Inn Express for cleanliness, comfort, and friendly service.

Two wonderful restaurants while staying there are upscale Chef Alfredo Ristorante Italiano, ranked as one of best authentic Italian restaurants in Utah, and Sweet Basil Thai, delicious food and very reasonably priced.

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