Besides the traditional content, we enjoy a wildflower visit to one of Utah's most famous ski areas, Alta.

VOLUME XVII – Issue 7: Sunday, August 26, 2018 (204th Issue)

  • Opening Comments from Bob
  • Poems: Who am I #2? and Not a Star.
  • Vignettes: Movie Review
  • Recommendation


Wildflowers abound in Albion Basin, Alta, UT

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: Enjoy a summer visit to one of Utah's most famous ski areas, Alta. It is wildflower time there. The first poem, Who am I #2?, asks you to answer important questions. The second, Not a Star, is a bit out there. The vignette this month takes a different turn with a movie review.

All the pictures that follow were taken at Alta, UT.


Two Poems

Who am I?

Is it the 8-4
    or the 7-7 job
    you do or did?
New cars, boats,
    you name them,
    the gathering of toys-
    is that your destiny?
Perhaps it is the grasping of power,
    the ability to crush or trash those
    who oppose you.
To send tweets that belittle
    instead of speaking from the higher self.
Far too many live these creeds,
    wondering why lasting happiness
    alludes them.
If the wisdom teachers
    are correct,
    love for one another
    remains our highest purpose.
Live kindness,
    provide kindness,
    simply be kindness.
Imagine such a world.

Comment: I write from experience. I was one of those 7-7s until the Reaper almost took me. Funny, as I was dying, I did not wish I had spent more time working. Instead, I could only think about family and the times I had missed. This was the second poem under this title.


Not a Star

I peer into the night sky–
    dashes of light,
    circles appear and disappear.
What are they?
Are they visual hints
    that we are not alone?
    I remain frozen,
    almost as if in a trance.
What seems like minutes,
    but probably only seconds,
    normalcy returns.
Will anyone believe?
I sense within
    the truth.

Comment: Up to your interpretation.



Another photographer taking a shot


Everywhere you look, more flowers



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Vignette: Movie Review

I am a real movie buff attending almost weekly. I always joke that even if the movie is “bad,” the popcorn is great. This summer has had a dearth of quality movies though I really enjoyed Mama Mia! Here We Go Again. This past Friday, all that changed. I chose to view BlacKKKlansman. I went with mixed feelings, attending primarily because of the superb reviews it received. I was far from disappointed with Spike Lee’s latest directional effort. Since the theater I was attending was in Park City, UT, there was no one of color in attendance. At the end of movie, you could hear a pin drop because of the silence. The expressions on the faces when leaving indicated they were as moved as I was. Having lived through the 70s, when this series of events occurred, I realized how ignorant I was of what was occurring at that time. David Duke, one of the focal points in the film and one who had been hoodwinked by the legal scam played upon him, still fosters his racism today though in a more subtle manner. I won’t say more as I do not want to give away the plot, but if you are interested in “an eye-opening, moving film,” then add this movie to your must see list. If you do attend, please let me know your thoughts.

Look carefully, you can see another hummingbird.

Recommendation: Same as last month, take time to savor creation!

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