Along with traditional content, enjoy an early fall visit to a short hike to Wall Lake.


Mission: To provide poetical and thoughtful comments on life



Shot of the hiking trail to Wall Lake

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: Today, we hike to Wall Lake and enjoy the first vestiges of fall. There are two serious poems in this issue, Cherished Moments and Pain. The first poem is uplifting and asks you to remove the haze. The second poem speaks to something we all experience. Our vignette speaks on a topic whose worth is still being evaluated.

Immediately below is a picture of a portion of Wall Lake. It was slightly over a mile hike to get there. The pictures that follow were taken on the hike to and from there.

Two Poems this Month

Cherished Moments

Sometimes we must peer
    through the haze
    before we see the real.
Bombardment by continuous news,
    updates, and social media
    cloud our vision.
We forget the warm hand
    that says, “Everything is all right.”
The rose or the tulip,
    the fall leaves,
    declaring, “Beauty still exists.”
The silence of tai chi
    for moments in meditation,
    refreshing the soul,
    the unexplainable within.
The laugh of a grandchild,
    giving one hope.
Yes, we can cry tears
    for there is much to do so.
Or, we can embrace the wind
    that causes the haze
    to dissipate.

Comment: No explanation needed.



Who does one blame
    for ongoing, ceaseless pain?
Some say it is God’s fault,
    others, Karma,
    still others, “the luck of the draw.”
Environment and diet
    also enter the medical fray.

What is the source?
If God,
    perhaps repentance is required–
    though not necessarily a sure cure.
Karma–do more good.
Luck of the draw, “You are out of luck.”
Diet, eat more wisely.
Environment, hmm!

The reality, blame and healing
    are not synonymous.
One prepares the battle plan
    by first loving self and others.
There are no guarantees,
    only greater understanding within
    and yes, perhaps healing.

Comment: Pain, whether physical or emotional is never desired. In fact, most fear it. Yet, as one great spiritual leader once proclaimed, "Life is suffering." Pain often becomes the great teacher. How we deal with pain speaks to who we are. A lesson or lessons hard learned!


Bob on the trail



Early fall arrives in Junta Mountains.



Another pic of Wall Lake


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Vignette: Social Media

I decided to take a break from social media, primarily Facebook. I was an early advocate embracing it with enthusiasm. My purpose was not only to share with friends but also to market my poetry, books, newsletters, calendar, and tai chi classes. My so-called friends list eventually grew to close to 5,000, the max allowed. The marketing wisdom at the time said that if you really wanted to sell your merchandise or services, you needed a major presence on social media. For me, despite many, many hours of time posting and counting my likes, the years generated the sale of three calendars, one book, and a couple new subscribers to my newsletters. Less than a stellar success! On the plus side, I met a number of fascinating people and was able to link up with friends with whom I had lost contact. However, in recent years I have watched Facebook morph into some very unpleasant nastiness. People I have known to be kind and caring suddenly transform into vicious persons transmitting and forwarding falsehoods and horrendous comments. Even when you point out inaccuracies, they say something like, "So what, I don't like the person anyway." Civility appears to have disappeared. As my minister said on Sunday, "Just because you believe it is true, doesn't make it true." Think for a moment on that. To even make it simpler, "Just because you believe the earth is flat, doesn't make it flat."

I now have a private account open only to family and close friends, people I actually know. Amazing how much more time I have to spend on what I believe are more worthwhile endeavors. Someday, I may reopen my deactivated account. But alas, that day is not now. Wishing you each, peace and joy!


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Two Restaurants in the Small Community of Kamas, UT

Hi-Mountain Restaurant and Drug Store Kamas, UT: If you ever get out this way, this mom & pop restaurant has some of best burgers you would ever want to enjoy along with fresh cut fries. The milkshakes are thick and scrumptious. This local favorite has been around for over sixty years.

Mirror Lake Diner, Kamas, UT: "Simple food done right" is the model for this delightful restaurant. The owners Gabe and Betty Morin opened the diner in 12013. He has been in the restaurant industry since his youth. His talents are evidenced in the delicious food served in a welcoming environment. Below is a picture taken during our recent dine there.

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