This page is the first section as we travel to Glacier National Park as well as welcome to spring in Utah. Next month will include Glacier National Park shots.

  • Opening Comments from Bob
  • Two Poems: Perfection and Stability
  • Vignette: Special Lunch at Matt's Place Drive-in
  • Recommendations


This sobering sign warned you to stay on the paved path when taking your pictures of the Mission Mountain lookout.

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: This is the first of a two-part series. Pictured are shots taken on the way to Glacier National Park. There are also a brief welcome to spring in Utah pics. (Next month will include pictures taken in the park.) The two poems, Perfection and Stability speak to a moment and desires. The vignette speaks to a Special Lunch.

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Above: On the way to Glacier. Photo taken of I-84 near Ogden, UT.

Huge (wide) waterfall on the Snake River in Idaho Falls, ID

Two Poems this Page

Comments: Though the snows have melted, this moment in my life remains etched in my memory.


Sometimes we long for stability
  ..  rather than the upheavals
  ..  which occur daily,
  ..  if not hourly.
Many walk in a daze
  ..  unsure of the next breath
  ..  let alone what the future holds–
  ..  lives in turmoil.

Many wisdom teachings speak
  ..  of impermanence
  ..  that dominates life
  ..  though most crave the opposite–
  ..  hanging on to the archaic
  ..  believing that change
  ..  can be slowed to a crawl.
The cry rises,
“Let’s return to the golden days!”
  ..  though they were always figments of the mind.
Would we not be happier,
  ..  understanding that the circle of life
  ..  involves the unpredictable,
  ..  embracing and accepting
  ..  one breath at a time?

Comments: You interpret.

Above and Two Below: One leaves the vast valleys and potato fields of Idaho to Big Sky Montana, rolling hills and mountains



Above and Below: Mission Mountains are north of Missoula and near the entrance to Glacier National Park


This huge reserve near Flathead Lake includes not only bison but an abundance of wildlife including bears, pronghorns,
many bird varieties, and elk.


Special Lunch at Matt's Place Drive-in

(This vignette could actually appear under recommendations but you will soon understand why it appears here. Much of the content comes from the restaurant's historical write up. Pictured is Robin Cockhill, owner.)

After a lengthy drive from Idaho Falls we arrived in Butte, MT, hungry and ready for lunch. Checking our AAA guide, we chose Matt's Place. When we saw the for sale sign, we feared the restaurant was no longer in business. However, the person at the nearby gas station said, you must eat there. Boy, was he correct! The establishment is an eating tradition in Butte and is also listed on the National Historic Registry. In 1930, Matt Korn, the original owner, opened the drive-in, which is now the oldest in Montana. In 1943, Robin's parents purchased the restaurant. Robin, the current owner, began working there at the age of 5. She and her husband Brad have decided to move on to new ventures so the restaurant is for sale. If you are in the area, there is still time to enjoy this traditional drive-in fare. The beef going into their incredible burgers is especially ground for them. The generous serving of fresh cut fries reminded me of my youth. "Wow!" describes the milkshakes where you also receive the metal drink mixer to top off your serving glass. In my case, you really received a shake and a half. Because the drive-in is small, seating 16, we overheard several customers tell Robin about their earlier visits or ones by family members. A group of five came in during their yearly visit to Butte announcing they were there for their usual. Over the decades, the owners have been generous corporate citizens donating to charities and the community. I for one hope to eat there at least one more time before the business disappears into Montana history.


Three pictures below: Flathead Lake, MT –This picturesque lake is near the entrance to Glacier National Park. It is the largest natural freshwater lake by surface area west of the source of the Missouri River. It is also quite a resort area.




Above: View about a mile before entering Glacier


Jakers Bar and Grille, Idaho Falls, ID: Jan is enjoying herself at this upscale restaurant. Based upon AAA recommendation and personnel at our hotel, we chose to dine at the original restaurant of this small chain. The food was wonderful and the service excellent. The fresh trout was flavourful and fixed to perfection. The almond crusted chicken with the light bearnaise sauce made one want more. As evidenced by the crowd, this establishment is a local favorite.

The community of Idaho Falls appeared at initial glance to be a wonderful city in which to live. We spoke with several locals who exuded pride in their community.

Incidentally, the Hilton Garden Inn where we stayed was the nicest one we have ever stayed in, and I have stayed in dozens of HGIs.




Early May shots taken in the Midway, UT, area

Lower portion of Big Cottonwood Canyon

Still skiing at Snowbird, Little Cottonwood Canyon (upper portion of the canyon) in May

BELOW: Silver Lake in May (the snow was still 4+ ft. deep) and August – quite a difference. The lake is in the upper portion of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Note the pictures earlier were the lower portion where there was minimal or no snow.


Twenty-nine trainers were certified or re-certified to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention. When I
arrived in Utah, I was the only certified trainer in this form. Now, we have over 70 trainers in the state.


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