Our pictorial takes us to Glacier National Park. The poems are thought provoking–I hope. One includes a poetical video taken on Maui.


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Relaxing along a mountain river on the Cedar Trail, Glacier N.P.

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: We finish our visit to Glacier National Park. Since it was only late spring, much of the Going to the Sun Highway was still closed. However, the 18 miles we traveled were beautiful. I hope you agree. The first poem, The Eternal Question, speaks to the "great question" and the second, Thompson Road, takes you via poetical video back to a favorite spot on Maui and includes a touch of tai chi. The vignette is a guest one from a wonderful, nationally known yoga instructor and friend, Claudia Cummins. The vignette is provided via a link. It is well-worth a read. Click here to go to her website. (The link to her vignette, Following Your North Star, appears in the vignette section.) There is also a YouTube video read by Actor Sam Elliott in honor of D-Day. Extremely moving and sobering!

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Series of shots of Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

Two Poems

The Eternal Question

Do you ever ponder
    what lies beyond your last breath?
Some say streets and castles of gold
    for the anointed ones.
    – a favorite of my mom’s.
Other misguided souls
    speak of sexual fantasies,
    something denied them on this earth.
Perhaps the abyss awaits,
    fading into nothingness
    as the last brain cells
    pass into oblivion.
Some dream of reunions
    with loved ones who have gone before.
Many see a great teacher
    welcoming with open arms.
Still others envision a refueling point
    where the soul recharges
    for its next journey.
On and on the options evolve,
    limited only by teachings and cultures,
    as the mind ponders
    The Eternal Question.

Comments: None needed.


Additional scenes along the road, Glacier N.P.

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Comment: Walking Thompson Road is one of my favorite activities on Maui. I hope you enjoy this poetical video.

In case you have problems opening the the link, here is the YouTube link.


Shots of McDonald Creek, a raging mountain stream in the spring





Guest Vignette

Following Your North Star by Claudia Cummins

The vignette begins:

"You stand at a new beginning. Perhaps you are graduating from high school, or choosing a college, or contemplating a career move, or heading toward retirement. Or maybe you have a sense that your life needs a course correction and you are ready to take a leap into something new. Here's what I want you to know: The world is eager to tell you how to live. Our society is filled with voices telling you. . ." Click here to read the full vignette.

Claudia recently published a book Inside Out and Upside Down. It will especially appeal to yoga students but also has a marvelous, universal message of hope, love, and life suggestions. Thus, a book for all!

In Honor of D-Day - June 6, 1944

This YouTube Link has actor Sam Elliott reading from the diary of a soldier who landed on Omaha Beach. An incredible story and very sobering. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/MdzWRdZgan0

(PJ subscriber Ron Costello sent me the link. Thank you, Ron!)





View from road


Ekstrom Stage Station, Rock Creek, MT: Thanks to AAA, we discovered a delightful, award winning restaurant for lunch. The trout was exceptional in preparation and flavor. This is the kind of restaurant one has to visit to enjoy the full western experience. It has been in business for decades along with the small cabins available for rental. It provides the meals for fishermen who desire the total Montana fishing experience. The restaurant and facilities are a short drive, about two miles, off of I-90. One could say, it is "in the middle of nowhere." However, if you are in the area, take the risk and enjoy some FINE food.


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