Enjoy the visual trip through Fall (Series 1) in the Midway area. The poems for this month are Decisions and Wonder.

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Formally VOLUME XVIII – Issue 9: Sunday, October 27, 2019 (218th Issue)

  • Opening Comments from Bob
  • Two Poems: Decisions and Wonder (includes a poetical video)
  • Guest Vignette: No Vignette this Month
  • Recommendations


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Fall shot less than a mile away.

Opening Comments from Bob

This Issue: Enjoy the first of a two part series on Fall in the Midway area. The poems for this month are Decisions and Wonder.

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Unless otherwise noted, the pictures provide a preview of fall in my area. Many were shot on Empire and Guardsman Passes.



Two Poems this Page


Life is filled with them,
    some would say consumed by them.
Sometimes simple,
    What restaurant will we choose?
    Which shirt looks best?
Trivial for many in the scheme of life.
For others,
    the next meal becomes a survival choice.
Or, will this clothing protect me                          from the elements?

Many live in a bubble
    concerned with only self,
    ethnocentric to the core.
Perhaps someday
    humankind will understand
    that we are all in this together.
At least the core of the major religions
    appear to say that.

Comments: None needed.



In the airport
    do you ever sit
    and wonder?
A young woman
    dressed to the nines,
    what does she do?
How did that couple meet?
They are as different
    as night and day.
There, that scruffy young man,
    where does he work?
All these surface attributes
    only hint about
    who the person is.
More than once
    I have misjudged.
Perhaps the old wisdom,
    “Judge not lest thou be judged.”
    remains a valuable rule
    to live by.

Comments: I love to observe people. However, it often turns into judging. I become frustrated with myself because I this. This trait is not a friend to my faith.. All I can do is keep trying.



A few aspens had changed. (More next month)

Heading up Empire Pass

A view taken in Midway









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Below, a few aspens had changed at the higher altitudes.


Pic from downtown Midway, UT


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