Again, we will take a few moments to escape the everyday rigors and read.

Blessings to each of you! - Bob

  • Opening Comments from Bob
  • Two Poems : Transitions and The Infinity Pool
  • Guest Vignette: And the Song Will Continue by James Magaw
  • Recommendations


Sidewalk in front of our condo

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: We are all going through an experience like never before in our lifetime. Because I have been housebound for eight weeks, I was not able to do my usual jaunts to take pictures. Hence, I will use some from previous years. The two new, deeper poems are Transitions and The Infinity Pool. We also have a thoughtful guest vignette from James Magaw.

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The snow in the valley has finally disappeared. We are having a late spring.

Two Poems this Month


Listen to the songs of the night.
The wind rustling the leaves.
    followed by rain droplets,
    their steady beat
    against the windows.
Later, the sounds of crickets and friends
    begin their melody.
Listen to the breath
    as you inhale and exhale
    moments before the veil of sleep
    cloaks your being
    transporting you
    to feats of magic and illusions.
All too soon the light of morning
    awakens you
    to the mystery of the new day.

Comments: No explanation needed.


The Infinity Pool

The infinity pool
    appears before me
    inviting all
    to soak one’s feet
    or totally immerse oneself.
The day is hot.
Oh how cool
    the water would be.
But wait,
    the time is not yet.
But soon,
    that too will change.

Comments: You interpret. From this writer's point of view, I am speaking of the mystical.



Downtown Midway


Thanksgiving Point


Infinity Pool (Imagery for the poem to the left)


Plenty of water at Bridal Falls due to the snowmelt

                   Schnormeier Gardens, Gambier, OH


Guest Vignette this Month: And the Song Will Continue by James Magaw

(Jim has been a long time friend and subscriber for many years. He has had his works published in many newsletters and journals. He is also a well-known poet in the Mt. Vernon, OH area and a member of the Apple Valley Poets. Enjoy these thoughtful observations.)

This morning I awoke early, and for the first time this spring I heard the cry of the mourning dove.  I suppose it is a lonely sound to many, but it is always reassuring to me.  We are surrounded by the invasion of a mysterious virus that has changed our lives radically, but the dove reminds me that we have made it through another winter.  We await the growing warmth that will renew us and will renew the earth.  This takes me back to a time four decades ago when I took morning devotional walks in a spacious town park about three short blocks from our home.  It was there that I first became enamored of the sound of the morning dove, and it remains a steady sound of hope today.

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Another scene from Schnormeier Gardens, Gambier, OH



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Some view being housebound as an horrendous experience. For me, who has no job waiting, the time has been, in a sense, a gift. I have done many things that I have put off or procrastinated, a more accurate term. Here are two examples. Over the last sixteen years, I had created over 25,000 photographs. Obviously, not all award winners. Thus, I decided to eliminate the ones that did not meet my criteria. I have whittled my list down to slightly over 8,600. Secondly, my tenth book has been on the back burner for several months. I completed Searching and Answers. It will go on sale in May.

If you haven't already done so, I suggest that you take on something that you have wanted to do and enjoy.





Tai Chi Corner

Regular readers of this newsletter know that tai chi plays an important role in my life. Hence,
occasional pictures will appear in this section.

Some of my students who attended Dr. Lam's workshop


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