Again, we will take a few moments to escape daily reality and read.

This month the pictorial section will be mainly close ups of flowers in our front yard
and a couple shots of crabapple trees

Be safe, - Bob


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Page Info – Issue4: Sunday, May 31, 2020 (225th Issue)


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Opening Comments from Bob

This Issue: Besides the traditional content, the newsletter includes two poems, The Human Spirit and Planning. I also had a lot of fun taking close-ups pictures of flowers in our yard. I also included two beautiful shots of crabapple trees.

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Two Poems this Month

The Human Spirit

Sometimes we forget
    that with all the horror in the news
    an indelible spirit lives within.

The clerk,
    works at minimum wage,
    struggles for the next meal
    but never gives up belief in self.
Then one day
    she auditions with a voice of an angel,
    rises to fame and adulation.

The sad immigrant,
    once an engineer in his home country,
    struggles to feed his family.
Passers-bye see only a shaggy beggar.
But, like Job of old
    he never gives up hope
    that a better tomorrow awaits.

The young teenager
    surrounded by drugs and poverty
    walks the streets
    making the well-dressed tighten in fear
    as he heads to his college class
    having risen above and against the odds.

Let us not live in the depths of despair
    as long as the human spirit lives
    willing to conquer
    what appears insurmountable.



What should I do today?
Shovel the snow?
Go to the grocers?
Visit the grand kids?
So many options.

Perhaps, I should just live.













Vignette this Month: A Joke

I thought we needed an extra laugh.

The lawyer was defending a man accused of housebreaking, and said to the court: "Your Honor, I submit that my client did not break into the house at all. He found the parlor window open and merely inserted his right arm and removed a few trifling articles. Now my clients arm is not himself, and I fail to see how you can punish an individual committed by one of his limbs."

The Judge considered this argument for several minutes then declared: "That argument is very well put. Following it logically, I sentence the defendant's arm to one years imprisonment. He can accompany it or not, as he chooses.

The defendant smiled, stood up and his lawyer helped him unscrew his clients cork arm, and, leaving it with the judge and walked out.




Stay safe!

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Tai Chi Corner

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lessons. Take a look–I think you will enjoy it!.


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