The pictorial is on fall shots taken in Utah and a few from Ohio.

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This was VOLUME XXI – Issue 9: Sunday, October 30, 2022 (254th Issue)


Janice, her sister, and brother-in-law chatting on the shores of Lake Erie (Ohio)

...Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: In September Jan and I traveled to Ohio to visit family. However, I also added other adventures, a Galion Middle School staff reunion, my 60th class reunion, and the celebration of my home church's 175th Anniversary. We also traveled to Lake Erie to visit Jan's sister and brother-in-law. As always, they were perfect hosts. Of course, we had to imbibe by dining on delectable Lake Erie perch. The poems, Gifts of Change and Tableau, speak to seasonal changes. The pictures focus not only on my recent travels but on the arrival of fall in Utah. There are also several recommendations if you are in the area to take advantage of them.

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PLEASE! Supporting the efforts of the Poetical Journal is greatly appreciated! Any amount of donation is appreciated. To support, click here.


The mountain pictures that follow were taken on Empire and Guardsman Passes. Empire rises from Midway, UT, where we live.



Two Poems this Month + Bonus



Bonus Poem: This poem is a bit nostalgic and reminds me of simpler times. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I have been running a daily series of my poems accompanied with an appropriate picture. I will show a favorite in this section each month. This poem first appeared in VOLUME I: ISSUE 13 CONTENT - Sunday, September 29, 2002


Vignette this Month: Milestones

As mentioned in the opening, I attended several milestone events while in Ohio. My original intentions were not to but decided, "why not?"

The first event included a reunion of staff and former students of Galion Middle School where I taught and later served as principle. (I also attended elementary school and junior high in that same building,) The reunion was held in the new brewery in downtown Galion, Ohio. (Incidentally, it is located in what was once my parents' hardware gift store.) Seeing staff members and students, most whom I haven't seen in over 20 years, was fun as well as rewarding. I always believed the GMS staff was one of the best in the state; they had the award to prove it.

Some of those in attendance at the GMS reunion.

My home church, the First United Church of Christ, is one of the two oldest in the city, 175 years old. As speakers reviewed the history, I could not help but think about the years I spent as a youth in the pews along with the fact that over a hundred years ago, my grandparents also worshiped there. This church has quite a noble heritage.

The last event I will mention is my 60th high school class reunion. (It was held at 2 PM in the afternoon because no one wanted to drive at night.) I am not one who enjoys attending such events. This was only my third, the last being the 25th. When I entered the room, I saw only old people whom I didn't recognize. I figured I had the wrong room Then I saw my friend Doug and realized this was the place. Sadly, I had to introduce myself because no one recognized me, a blow to the ego. Seriously, I had a great time reacquainting myself with those I spent important formative years.

Another wonderful time was gathering for dinner
with my extended family on Sunday afternoon.
Fourteen were able to attend.

In many ways, the two days were a joyous walk through important chapters in my life.




A couple roller skiing (like narrow skateboards - note the use of ski poles)
up Empire's narrow road. They are training for x-country skiing this winter.


In case you are in the area, here are a couple of recommendations that have stood the test of time.

For a perch dinner, Jolly Rogers, Port Clinton, Ohio. There is
always a line no matter the time of day. However, it moves quickly.

Bergman Orchards, Catawba, Lake Erie has been in business for decades
and is an excellent source for fruit and produce.

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Fall evident in the mountains while the young girls play Saturday soccer. (Girls' faces deliberately blurred.)


On the weekends 100 plus cars will be in the parking lot to visit Pickwick Place, Bucyrus, Ohio.

Tis Halloween Season - display at Bergman Orchards


Sun ready to set, Port Clinton, Ohio

Tai Chi Corner

A few years ago Dr. Lam presented a workshop in Utah.
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