Wesward Ho Poem List Only

Click on the link to take you to the page. Scroll down to the intended poem. Please note that the poems may not be specifically speaking to the western experience but were written while exploring or visiting that part of the country. (The pictures on the pages usually determine whether the poems fit the Westward Ho category.)

An Absolute Truth

V & M Breakfast

The Free Homestead Concert

An Ode to the Movers

Is it broken?

Ride 1 Utah

A Special Tour Package

Hellos and Good-byes

An Ode to Carol's Peach Cobbler

September Ride

October Ride

Sights Seen

Waiting Room

Altitude Perspective

Late Spring Snow

Early May Ride

The Marathon

Oww, aah, ouch!


Not Just Another Day on the Trail

The Skull of the Unknown


The Songstress and Flute Player

Start of the Day

A Ride

The Move

Water from Heaven


Another Lesson

Three Views of Life

Fall Snows

Blessed Sleep

Enhancing the Sun


Leave me alone!


Far Too Often

Return to V & M


Adelyn Londyn

Stellar Events

Ego's Senseless Thoughts


A Gentle Breeze

Who I've Become

Seatbelt On

Where does the trail lead?

Home Church

Our Books

The Tao

In Memory of Hansel

Meditation 3

No Time

Flight 5305

2 Minutes

A Bit of Wisdom

Lost in Time

Silent Music

Asking For

Not Alone

Early Morning Observation

Silk Reeling through Life


Shorts 1 fr. My Meditation Room

Who am I #2?

Not a Star

When will we ever learn?

Poem to the People of Venezuela

Cherished Moments


With Gratitude

A Special Prayer for You

A New Year's Prayer

A Moment of Why

Will We ever Learn?



The Eternal Question

Thompson Road 2019

Personal Marathon

Are We Listening? Dreams 2
Flashes The Cedars and Avalanche Lake Trails
A Miracle A Concert
My Cane and I (includes a video) Two Short Narratives
Decisions Wonder
Transitions The Infinity Pool
The Human Spirit Planning
Power Within Cycle
Rare Ones Translation
The Mariner Qigong
Last Vestiges of Fall Cascade Falls
Soundless Snow Keyboard Warning 
Hubble Solitude Dining
It Begins Personal Rain Dance
Gifts of Change Tableau
With Grattitude Attitude
A Winter Gift Fade
The Snowy Bench