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This was the first of two trips from Ohio to Utah as part of our move to Utah.


Traveling West via I-90 and I-80 Trip One.

  • 35-ft Statue of Ben Bikin located in Sparta, MN – self-named the Bicycle Capital of America

Our BIG move to Utah is nearly done. (Our household items are already there. I flew out earlier to meet the movers and helped unload in the pouring rain–so much for the desert climate.) Like any move, especially after many years, things were hectic and at times nerves frazzled. Nevertheless, as you read this, we are driving across country to relocate and enjoy our nine-month old granddaughter and our wonderful son and daughter-in-law. Oh yes, the sunshine and mountain scenery are also spectacular. This is our second drive to Utah within the last three weeks. (In the web version you can see pictures taken during that trip.) The main purpose was to deliver one of our automobiles.


An Absolute Truth

What lies beyond
    this earthly journey?
Some profess they know–
    golden temples for the select
    and fiery damnation for the rest.
Or, are there virgins
    awaiting those mislead souls?

Some with analytical preciseness,
    proclaim that this life
    is all there is.
Yet others think little
    of such ponderous questions.
Their faith provides them
    with the infinite answers.

But no matter what beliefs one holds,
    the final truth will come to all–
    either for a few seconds or eternity.

Comment: Much of my poetry deals with the BIG questions or absolutes, depending on your perspective. No matter which of the above categories you belong, the final stanza is one that I believe to be an absolute truth.



V & M Breakfast

Last parking space,
    thankfully a short walk
    on this dreary, rainy day.
Wow! My favorite writing booth
    is open.
Upon seating
    hot tea arrives
    to take the chill from the bone–
    then the eggs and rye toast
    to fill the tummy.
Next on to tai chi
    to nourish my soul.

Comment: The move to Utah will take me away from this favorite local restaurant where I spent many a time enjoying quiet times along with seeing familiar faces. Sometimes a friend joined me. The poem speaks to my longtime tradition of eating there each Thursday morning on the way to tai chi. Many a poem was also started or finished in that booth.

Easy access is provided to bikes in Madison, WI. There are bike trails galore. Madison is continually ranked as one of the best cities in which to live. Be sure to take time to explore this highly ranked All-American city.

The Plummer House, partially pictured, is 300 feet long and 5 stories high (2 below ground). An early 20th C. Mayo Clinic doctor, Dr. Plummer, revolutionized record keeping in medicine. It is located in Rochester, MN

Rochester, MN is a city of 107,000 home to the world famous Mayo Clinic, which is really the combined facilities of the Mayo, St. Mary's, and Roosevelt Methodist hospitals. The Mayo Clinic consortium employs more than 3,800 physicians and scientists and 50,900 allied health staff. It spends over $500 million a year on research. The sidewalks never freeze due to steam pumped through pipes beneath the waxier (One of the main entrances is pictured above)

Community Church in Park City, UT. – the view alone is inspiring.

Looking aross the Mississippi from La Crosse, WI into Minnesota
The Corn Palace is located in Mitchell, SD. The murals and designs covering the building are made from corn and other grains.
I-90 takes you across the Missouri River at Chamberlain, SD



When traveling across country there are so many places and venues that one could recommend. Besides the ones that are pictured, e.g. the Bad Lands, Rushmore, etc., I will recommend a few other specifics.

La Crosse, WI: Piggy's on the Front (don't let the name scare you away) is a delightful restaurant to enjoy outstanding food. The salad bar is far above the norm with many homemade selections. This is a favorite local spot. Don't miss the Granddad Bluff, which provides spectacular views of the city and the Mississippi basin. (Special thanks to cyclists Jackie and Lois for making us aware of this scenic option!)

Rochester, MN: Besides the Mayo Clinic and IBM, this small city has a lot going for it. We even took the one-hour city tour through the Rochester Trolley & Tour Company–a fun diversion. Eddie, the guide and driver, does a fantastic job. If you enjoy regional art of various varieties, be sure to visit the SEMVA (SouthEastern Minnesota Visual Artists). We ate at several fine restaurants. However, the one that stood out above the rest was the City Cafe and Grille. I had Atlantic salmon with a peach and ginger glaze that perhaps is the best tasting preparation of this fish that I have ever eaten. (All of the above are in the Clinic area.)

Purple Pie Place, Custer, SD: While the pies are extremely tasty and fattening, the chicken salad with grapes and craisins on homemade bread was the best chicken salad sandwich that I have ever eaten.

Park City Hampton Inn and Suites: While the hotel rooms are showing a bit of wear, the personnel make a stay at this popular location well-worth the visit. Jolene at the front desk in particular deserves many kudos.

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Rolling hills of South Dakota

Morning view of SD's rolling hills
Above and below are views of the Bad Lands National Park in SD. This area was once an inland sea.


Above is a view of Mt. Rushmore
Crazy Horse Sculpture, SD: One family has been working on this unfinished sculpture since 1948. Even in this state of creation, it is still awe inspiring.

Midway, UT – view near where we live


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