The cover shot.

Enjoy our final round of pictures cruising the Danube River.

Danube River Cruise Part III

Enjoy pictures of Bratislava, Slovakia
and Budapest, Hungary

Crowded downtown farmers' market, Budapest

Opera House in Bratislava, Slovakia

Peace Defined

Peaceful silence
.... as the riverboat
.... glides through the waters
.... of the Danube.
A low cloud
.... hangs tentatively
.... to the hillside
.... as the sun rises.
On the shore
.... two small rows of corn
.... between which a patch
.... of green grass grows,
.... providing a campsite for a couple
.... tented in a sleeping embrace.
High above, a pinnacled castle
.... maintains guard.
A lone biker
.... rolls by the oblivious couple
.... on a bike trail that runs
.... from Germany to Budapest.
Perhaps peace
.... could be defined
.... by this still life.

Comments: I hope each of you have had moments where you sense great peace as described in this poem. If so, I would love to hear about it.



Where is the Music?

Is it not
.... in the songs of the birds,
.... the rustle of the leaves on a windy day,
.... the babbling brook,
.... or the crescendo of the approaching waterfall?

Is it not
.... in the fragrance of the rose,
.... the nuances from a burning fireplace,
.... the aroma from a freshly brewed cup of tea,
.... or the heady smells of fall?

Is it not
.... in the light touch from one’s love,
.... the crisp breeze on a fall day,
.... the feel of warm water on the chilled skin,
.... or the invigorating leap into the pool?

Where is the music?
The symphony surrounds us.

Comments: No matter where you are, if you listen, you will hear the music.



What lies beyond
.... is less important
.... than now,
.... the gift
.... we have been given.

Comments: How we live the now will affect the beyond.

Shoes on the Danube Promenade Sculpture (Budapest)
Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust who were required to
remove their shoes before being thrown into the partially frozen

river. Those who did not drown were shot.
Man at Work sculpture in Bratislava
You have to watch for cars while taking the picture as several
tourists discovered.
Abundance of public transportation is a wonderful bonus
for tourists as well as locals
Beautiful tiled steeple at Mathias Cathedral

Parliament Building in Budapest
Buda Castle at night in Budapest
Recommendations: River Cruising
In recent years I have discovered that river cruising is a wonderful, relaxing way to travel. On both occasions I have used Grand Circle Travel. Upon researching a variety of options and talking with other travelers who enjoy such cruising, I have found GCT to provide excellent service and good value for the money. If you tell them that Bob Casey sent you, you will receive an additional $100 discount.
Enjoying an evening dinner. Two of the gentlemen we dined with each evening. Their spouses are on the otherside.
The River Ship Concerto, home for the cruise
Downtown area of Bratislava, Slovakia

A street view in Bratislava

Budapest along the Danube River
Another view of Budapest along the river
Summer flowers add beauty to the downtown buildings.
View of Budapest looking from the castle across the Danube.
Matthias Church area viewed from the Danube

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