Background: Mabel Mertz is our oldest guest poet, currently at 95 years young. She is a retired teacher and has written poetry since her youth. A tradition she started with her family is to present them with an original poem on their birthdays and special holidays. The poem below was recently published in the Bucyrus, Ohio Telegraph Forum in honor of National Poetry Week.
On March 5, 2008 at the age of 98, my beloved mother-in-law made the journey
to eternal life. This poem, which has been on my site for three years,
was read by me at her funeral on March 12.

Prescription for Life

Here it is – the year 2005
And aren't we glad to be alive?
What is our age, do you have to know?
Is that important – if so, I would have told you so.
But I will admit – I'm not quite 100
I have seen many changes, both left and right
Some our good, others quite out of sight.
My motto is "Life is what you make it."
Pretty good one – don't you agree?
Practice it daily and you will surely see
That there are many choices in our daily living.
We can practice sharing, or we can think only of ourselves
– no extra giving –
What do we really want in this wonderful life?
All ease – no helping others – just work and strife.
Indeed not! Lend a helping hand – share and be happy,
Greet others with a smile; don't be saucy and snappy.
The most important thing in life

– and it will make you happy to the very end –
Is to call everyone you meet by the simple name "Friend."

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