Background: Kristy is a poet living in St. Petersburg, FL. She introduced herself one-day and has graciously listed my site on hers, Poetical Musings. In my review of her site, I wrote, I have done a quick perusal through your site. Loved the variety, the irreverence, and of course, the poetry. Your 'definition' pages were quite intriguing - MugZ (great) and Femaletalia (gave me a new perspective on women...;-) Multiple talented you are! Just in my brief run through, I especially enjoyed War Zones and several of your love poems.
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She also submitted this beautiful poem.
~the sky's endless possibility~

words can't be owned
yet they can be gifted
I am enthralled
by the kindness

I am in kindly enlisted
to wonder aloud
in a room full of silence
"what would become of
this world
if run by benevolence
not gray area violence?"

if we were to catch
a child's innocence
in a moment of rapture
then wrap with inclination
the world in courtesies
as bluely perfect
as the sky dressed
in gods gifted chivalry
what beauty might
we all then gain
for such a capture?

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