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As I traditionally do, the January issues include some of my favorites from the most recent year which in this case is Year 18. However, there is one new poem entitled New Desk Calendar and a few extras. Please enjoy a walk down memory lane.

For those looking for a nontraditional New Year's Resolution suggestions:


Mission: To provide poetical and thoughtful comments on life


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his sobering sign warned you to stay on the paved path when taking your pictures of the Mission Mountain lookout in MT. (May Issue)

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: The content is a summary of the best for Year 19. However, there is one new poem, New Desk Calendar. Click here to go to the list of previous PJs for the last year.

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Midway area, taken before heading to Hawaii, (February Issue)

Maui Plantation (February Issue)

One Poem

New Desk Calendar

366 pages there–
    witty saying and even a poem or two.
What events will they see–
    wars, suffering, tribulations
    but also smiles, celebrations, and jubilations.
Those days lay ahead
    many containing uncertainty
    and yes, some worries.
Only the prophetic sense
    what might be.
Alas, for now
    we have the precious moment,
    and all it can be.

Comment: Again on the emphasis is on living in the moment.. Yes, 366 is correct as this is a Leap Year.


Goes with the poem, New Desk Calendar



Baldwin Beach, Maui (March Issue)

Cove on Maui (April Issue)

Crater on Haleakala (April Issue)

Picture taken earlier in the year near our home in Midway. The poem was part of the poetry section. (May Issue)

Lake McDonald, Glacier (June Issue)

A gorgeous, rushing mountain stream taken at Robert Redford's Sundance Ski area. (July IssMom & Iue)

My Favorite Vignette–A Poetical One

Peer into History

Who is this young woman
   ... dressed in 40s style
   ... holding a young boy
   ... barely four-weeks old?
The picture only hints
   ... of the years to come–
   ... arrival of three daughters
   ... still unknown
   ... and seventy-five years
   ... yet to unfold.
Yes, a myriad of stories
   ... still to be told.

Following my mother's passing on January 13, 2019, my sisters and I spent many hours going through old pictures. I came across this one. My mother is twenty, and I am four-weeks old. As I looked at the picture, I thought of this momentary shot in history, my mother unaware of all that would pass in the seventy-five years to follow before she joined her creator. Life is so fascinating!


The Salt Lake near sunset (August Issue)

Taken in Seattle (September Issue)


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In downtown Mid ay, UT (October Issue)

Aspens on Empire Pass (November Issue)

Taken from the Kohls' Parking Lot in Provo, UT (December Issue)


Below are some of my favorite Poetical Videos from Year 18.

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Thompson Road, Maui (June Issue)

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Obviously, you can see that this tai chi form is for individuals who do not have mobility issues. HOWEVER, one of the benefits of this form, it can be modified for those who are dependent on a cane. The cane as a weapon evolved in China centuries ago when the emperor banned all weapons. The martial artists of the day turned it into a fighting weapon, sometimes concealing a knife or sword within the hollowed out cane. The performer and developer of the above form is Jim O'brien. (August Issue)

In case you have problems opening the the link, here is the YouTube link.

Tai Chi Corner

Regular readers of this newsletter know that tai chi plays an important role in my life. Hence,
occasional pictures will appear in this section. My favorite for the year was the Halloween Party.


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