The Poetical Journal's Seventeenth Anniversary (17th) Issue (Beginning Year 18)

This month we pictorially start with pictures of snowy Utah and then move to sunny, warm Maui. There is also some fine poetry.

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The Tao of Momentary Thoughts, my 8th book, is a compilation of vignettes, poems, and poignant quotes and is available on Amazon at $9.99. If you like the PJ, you will enjoy this book. It makes an excellent gift.
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Recent Reviews of my newest Books
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Doug from Ohio recently submitted the following review for The Tao of Momentary Thoughts: ". . . I was not prepared for page 116 Should have been because of the extremely personal nature of the entire book. Please understand that the unusual length of time to finish your book (especially for a binge reader like me) was because it screamed to be read thoughtfully in increments. For me that was 10-15 pages every weekend, often in quiet . . .Thank you for "putting pen to paper" and sharing your soul. Those of us who have followed Poetical Journeys will recognize much of the content. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to share part of your journey really feel a part of it."


Charles from Park City recently wrote: "Hi Bob….I just picked up your The Tao of Momentary Thoughts.  It’s wonderful . . I love your book."

Ed from Seattle regarding The Tao of Momentary Thoughts: "I was smiling all the way through the reading . . .I think I will reread it again during the next week. . ."



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My third novel Adelyn: An Epic Journey in the Epic Journeys Trilogy IS AVAILABLE on Amazon. (Above is a 65 second clip about the book.) It will take you on quite a journey! Though the third book of a trilogy, it is also a standalone novel.

My first two books of the trilogy, To the End of Time and Back: An Epic Journey, and the sequel, What's Next~An Epic Journey, can also be purchased through Amazon by clicking here. (Scroll to the correct title.) Your local bookstore can also order them for you. All these books are fine reads for the broad-minded and/or the non-traditional spiritual seeker. What a reading adventure you will have including many diverse ideas, a beautiful love story, adventure, and intrigue. (All three are also available in Kindle version.)


JJG recently wrote: I've read Bob's "To the End of Time" trilogy twice, each time gaining deep and deeper insights into the human condition. The three small volumes hold their own as good stories but also provide a unique glimpse into a new religious paradigm. Would that it could come to be.


Questions? Email me.

Click here to link to a YouTube radio interview about To the End of Time and Back. (Friend David Riggs produced it for me. To link to his book, click here.)

A number of individuals have sent glowing review. You can read some of them in the Forum Section below.


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VOLUME XVIII – Issue 1: Sunday, February 24, 2019 (210th Issue)


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Not a bad place to own a home

Opening Comments from Bob

My ninth book, A Poetical Journey (all poetry), and the eighth, The Tao of Momentary Thoughts (combination of poetry, vignettes, and quotes), are enjoyable reads. They are available for order from Amazon.

My other books are available on Amazon.

This Issue: An anniversary issue is always a special one for me. Each year in the vignette I offer an update on the history of the newsletter. The pictorials are a combination of Utah winter scenes and pictures from my favorite island, Maui. There are two poems, What the World Needs Now . . . and Magical. Both are serious. One is dedicated to my mother.

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This picture along with several that follow were taken in the Midway, UT area. Winter is a gorgeous time!

Above: View from my townhouse parking area. Below: Ranch house half a mile down the road.


Two Poems this Month

What the World Needs Now . . .

The song goes,
    “What the world needs now is love.”
One can hardly argue
    with that.
But perhaps there is something
    equally as great, “Hope.”
Because of arrogance and avarice,
    millions, if not billions,
    live lives of destitution
    and sorrow beyond belief.
Their main hope remains
    an afterlife where their suffering ceases.

Yet, there appear moments
    when members of the human species
    rise and strike for justice
    offering a glimmer of hope
    to inspire and mesmerize.
A Ghandi and a King
    changed lives and nations.
Would not the world be better
    if these epitomized the fallen heroes
    we honored?

But perhaps the song may touch on an ultimate truth.
For a world dominated by universal love
    would generate the precious jewel of hope
    for all.

Comment: None needed.



According to ancient lore,
    fairies are magical creatures
    that can fly and dart about
    at will.
My life was privileged
    to have known one
    for my entire life.
Fairy embraced each of her four children
    with love that words
    can barely touch upon.
Whether amidst pain or joy
    a contagious smile
    always lit up her being
    accentuating the natural beauty
    that turned many a male’s eyes.
Spiritual and dedicated,
    she walked the Christian life,
    accepting differences without judgment
    but true to her Biblical beliefs.
Wherever she wandered
    she spread fairy dust on those she touched.
At ninety-five, Fairy, my mother,
    stepped into the eternal
    and met again her Creator.

Comments: In the January issue I wrote of my mother's passing on January 13. Today, I poetically speak of her life, The Life of Fairy Mae Casey Pendleton.


Woman taking in the view at Maui Plantation



Front Sanctuary of the Iao United Church of Christ



Snow on Haleakala, Maui: I have had a number mention that it snowed in Hawaii. Yes, not that unusual on Mt. Haleakala that rises close to 10,000 feet. However, this year the snow came down lower than usual to about 8,000 feet. Fear not though, where we were the weather was a gorgeous, sunny 76 degrees.



When we can, we invite friends to visit. Pictured are Becky and Butch from Ohio. Becky is also a Master Trainer so we had some great tai chi practice. Next month, you will see more regarding the joint tai chi experience.

Note the cattle on the snow covered field.

Open space for now. However, the area is growing at a rapid rate. Sadly, several years from now this
view will disappear.

Baby Beach, part of Baldwin Beach, a favorite of ours.

Upcountry low clouds on mountainside of the volcano Haleakala - sun peeks through

Working a small portion of the strawberry field in Upcountry, Maui - we visit weekly to purchase organic

Miles below the blue Pacific - taken from the strawberry farm. I love the single white cloud upper right.

This Month's Vignette: A Bit of PJ History

Seventeen years ago on February 10, 2002 the first issue of the Poetical Journal was emailed to a small group of friends. It was two pages. From that first mailing about 31 decided to give the fledgling e-zine a try, especially since it was free. For several months, the PJ came out twice a month. By Issue 3, there was a web version but no pictures. The first pictorial issue started with Issue 40, December 24, 2004. Since then, photographs have played a large role in the web publication. In 2012, new format options were offered to subscribers. They could continue to receive the PJ in the traditional format that had been used since its inception or choose a revised version, which allowed readers to click on links that most interested them. The vast majority chose the revised version. In 2015, as part of a financial decision, the traditional format was eliminated and all subscribers simply receive a general announcement and a web link.

During those years, the PJ never missed a deadline (the last Sunday of the month) despite open-heart surgery, two near death experiences, to name just three obstacles. Frankly, I am very proud of that fact.

Of the current subscribers over ninety-two percent have subscribed for fifteen years or more. There were 16 unsubscribes in 2017. Sadly, the newsletter has had negative growth in '17. On average at least 32% of the subscribers open the newsletter monthly, a decrease of 4% from 2017. I have no idea how long they spend reading it. I sense that most do a quick skim. However, some have emailed me that they read it all, something unusual for an online newsletter or blog especially since the average PJ is over ten printed pages. Click here to view one of the first web issues. (Back then putting pictures into a newsletter was very difficult. Besides high-speed internet was just coming into existence.)

At one time the PJ was one of the largest (if not the largest) online poetry newsletters in the world (22,000+ subscribers). Over the decades I have removed thousands from the subscriber list due to the fact that the newsletter was never opened. Also, one year I had difficulties with Yahoo and could not resolve them. Over 3,000 subscribers were eliminated in one month. On the plus side, the reductions in numbers saved me hundreds of dollars in emailing costs. Over the seventeen years, over $20,000 have been spent in its publication at no cost to subscribers. Last year one subscriber offered a donation to support the newsletter. That was appreciated.

The biggest plus is having the opportunity to interact with individuals. Two special subscribers I have watched grow from teenagers to grown adults, both now married. Others have written and shared their poetry. A few of those poems appeared in my book An Oasis in a Cluttered World. Some subscribers have taken me into their confidence when dealing with personal issues. Others on a given moment share their excitement whether it is over birds or the arrival of spring.

As always, thank you for being a subscriber.



Mill House Restaurant at the Maui Plantation: A bit steep but well-worth the cost. The curry and bratwursts (Yes, you read right) were delicious. Janice is an expert on quality brats as she grew up in the Brats' Capital of Ohio, Bucyrus. After 50+ years of marriage, she finally declared that someone made brats equal to her hometown's. I loved the curry as well. As you can see from the picture, the view is incredible. We had a discussion with the general manager who informed us of the extraordinary lengths they employ to purchase and provide quality food. Oh yes, while there be sure to explore the magnificent grounds of the plantation near Wailuku, Maui. There is no charge to enter.

Please take a look at the gift page.

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Quotable Quotes

"Nothing in the world is permanent, and we're foolish when we ask anything to last, but surely we're still more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it." - William Somerset Maugham

"To be alive in this beautiful, self-organizing universe–to participate in the dance of life with senses to perceive it, lungs that breathe it, organs that draw nourishment from it–is a wonder beyond words." - Joanna Macy

"You must not ever stop being whimsical. And you must not, ever, give anyone else the responsibility for your life." - Mary Oliver

"Peace is something you'll never experience if you keep letting things you can't control, control you. Let it go." - Trent Shelton


Bit of Humor

A bit of laughter is healthy for the soul

Life After Death

"Do you believe in life after death?" the boss asked one of his employees.

"Yes, sir," the clerk replied.

"That's good," the boss said. "After you left early yesterday to go to your grandmother's funeral, she stopped in to see you."


Looking toward the West Mountains

Gorgeous view taken at the Maui Plantation near Wailuku.

Another picture taken at Maui Plantation

PJ Forum

If you have comments, recommendations, or suggestions for the PJ, please e-mail them to While I often cannot print everyone's, I personally respond to all. (When editing the comments for publication, I often eliminate the paragraphing to save space.) .


Many thanks to those who sent condolences regarding my mother's passing in January. (My email crashed the day the January issue went out. Hence, if I didn't respond to your email, it did not receive it. Please accept my apologies as I always try to respond to every email.) Below are a few of the comments received with no names listed.


"What a beautiful smile! Your mother's smile must have warmed everyone she met. It gave me a feeling of joy just looking at her picture and I never had the privilege of meeting her. Be thankful for having such wonderful parents as everyone is not that fortunate. I, too, feel blessed for having the best parents a girl could have. Hang on to the precious memories."

"I was saddened to hear about your Mom. May she Rest In Peace! Your comments about our parents was so true and such a tribute to her. And I so relate to your words as my Mom will be gone 8 years on Sunday! Greg _________ told me once you get over being an orphan you can move on. I am not sure that is the way I think about it, but in many ways he is right! My thoughts and prayers are with you!"

"______ and I were saddened to read about your mother's passing in the recent issue of Poetical Journeys. While she obviously lived a long and full life surrounded by family and loved ones, it's always hard to lose a parent. Our hearts go out to you in what must be a difficult time."

"So sorry to learn of the loss of your dear mother Fairy. ______ joins me in extending our condolences to you, Jan and your family. Thank you also for your monthly Poetical Journals. I enjoy everything, but especially the photos of places to which I have been and long to return."

"Bob, the story of your mother was poignant.  She was absolutely beautiful.   She grew up in the same era my parents did.  I loved how you gave her honor and love."


Some Book Reviews

An Ohio reader wrote regarding the novel Adelyn: An Epic Journey:

In his book, Adelyn: An Epic Journey, Bob navigates the reader through a challenging journey in the time space continuum while exposing both the weaknesses and strengths of humanity. As Adelyn is exposed to the infinite love of The Source, the reader is challenged to understand how personal beliefs and actions often have more to do with cultural rather than spiritual influences. In a time and world filled with political anger and personal indulgences reading Adelyn offers the open-minded promise. It would make a great book study.

To the End of Time and Back: An Epic Journey Review taken from Amazon

"The new novel, To the End of Time and Back is a skillful account of two lovers on an 'Epic Journey,' racing through time and history to learn life-changing truths. Their spectral mentor, Arundel, sends them through difficult travels, but their relationship endures and remains strong despite physical, and psychological stress. Powerful emotions such as fear, anger and happiness, combine with lust, pain and sexuality to help them learn. Written in verse form, the story is an epic poem, painted to portray the duality of mankind throughout dimensions of human history that is sometimes cruel and horrific. The reader will come to know and understand what is being described and will certainly enjoy the stimulating elegance of the story and the philosophy. A thoroughly enjoyable read that is certain to make you think." - David from Utah

Other Reviews (They have been edited for length. Thank so much to each of you.)

"I finished your book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was much easier to follow by having the whole thing in front of me, and reading as much as I wanted at a time. I felt pretty weary after bouncing around in time for many hundreds of years, but I was relieved to know that at least part of the world survived 'Armageddon'. What a feat you have performed." - Jim

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your latest book To the End of Time and Back. When I bought the book I had no idea what to expect. Once I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down. I had fun reading it from A to Z and everything in between." - Art from Park City, UT

"Your book touched places deep within my soul. I could read it over and over again, Bob. Job Well Done!" - Bobbie from Texas

"Well, Bob! I am rather blown away by your book. Finished it yesterday, and it only took four days, which means I was intrigued and wanted to know how the book ends. I'm a slow, deep reader and since my profession is writing and editing, I edit continuously as I read. Can't help it! But this book was worth dropping everything for and reading to the end. I admit to cynicism about your claim that it would change me, and I don't know that it has just yet but it won't be leaving my heart and head for a long time, and change could happen. I'm impressed that the book actually lived up to your claims for it. . . . I'm intrigued by this book because it rings so true, and I am therefore tempted to believe you actually were given the gift of this dictation. But if not and this is fiction, you have written one hell of a book, masquerading amazingly as non-fiction ... which is indeed one of the goals of fiction." - Kimberly

"WOW! WOW! WOW! I read it in one sitting and found so many things you wrote about 'true' for what I know and feel about past lives I've lived. Actually, the chapter about the Holocaust was something I couldn't bear to read–too sad and painful. (I've always felt that way about that period of history.) . . . it was very well done, Bob. Just beautifully done. I'm looking for the movie. . . I'm sure others will feel connected to this book just as I did. AMAZING. Just AMAZING. I couldn't put it down. There was so much anticipation with each chapter it hooked me from the very beginning. . ." - An Ohio Reader

"I read your book a couple weeks ago. You are lucky we don't live close enough for me to call you to discuss it! It was interesting and easy to read. I liked the format. It reminded me of Many Masters, Many Lives by Brian L. Weiss (which was not that quick to read). Have you read that? . . . Anyway, kudos on the book -- on all your books. . ." - A Reader from Arizona

"Your newest release takes the reader to places deep within. It makes one ponder all things about life itself. Many authors have written about reincarnation, but yours goes deeper. Through an eternal relationship between two souls, you describe all the human emotions one can feel. The book takes you to historical times and places around the globe, making you feel as if you are part of the beautiful relationship of A~ and Z~. After reading, they will become a part of you." - A Reader

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