On this page we visit some Utah sites and touch our toes into southern Montana. The poem paints via words a visual picture of a special room in my house.


Mission: To provide poetical and thoughtful comments on life


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  • Opening Comments from Bob
  • Poem: Shorts from My Meditation Room
  • Vignettes: Summer Pass and Comments from Sandy
  • Recommendation


Rock formation near Dillon, MT

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: Originally, this issue was to be about Glacier National Park. However, due to a computer hack, we turned around and headed home. Thus, we spent a couple days capturing pictures near our home. There are a few of Montana where we overnighted. The poem, Shorts 1 from My Meditation Room, paint a word picture of my special place. The vignette, Summer Past, reminisces about summers gone. Sandra also wrote extensively about my poem Silk Reeling through Life published in last month's issue. (Incidentally, the poet/video published in that issue received over 560 views on Facebook.)

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Unless otherwise noted, the pictures that follow focus on shots taken near where I live. There are a few at the end taken in Montana.

All we need to do is step out our front door to see our annual Midway 4th of July fireworks display.

Below is a brief series of shots of this year's display. Click on the link below to play.

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Leaving our home and heading out River Road for the 10.25 hour drive to Glacier National Park, MT. (We only
drove halfway there before having to turn around due to a serious computer hack.)



Shorts from My Meditation Room

Teapots created
    in a burst of inspiration
    set on display
    waiting to serve.

Kochina dolls and soapstone figures
    speak of mystical spirits.
An unnamed piece of harden clay,
    the imaginative efforts of a five-year old,
    rests in honor
    beside them.

Pictured, a younger man
    and his son
    stand poised
    ready to dare the Fates
    by descending Arapahoe Basin’s East wall.
A mere glance at it
    causes the adrenalin
    again to flow.

A lone boomerang
    is displayed,
    having failed to return to its owner.

The large lamb wool rug,
    flatten by time and use,
    awaits my yoga
    and meditative moments.

The koa wood
    frames a rustic Maui scene.
Lithographs of interpretive waves
    off the Taranaki Coast
    hang in a group of four.
Watercolors by local artists
    betray their imagination.
Walden’s Pond and cabin
    are captured
    by the camera’s lens.
Each is its own piece of beauty,
    preserved on the wall.

Religious tapestries and Eastern figures
    trigger thoughts of mystical gods
    and exotic cultures.
Peering at the rich reds and blues
    of the tightly hand-woven rug
    return me to its Indian origin.

Comment: My bit of quiet sanctuary is filled with tangible memories, a potpourri collected over the decades. These short snippets provide a word image of my room.



A few of my teapots

Kochina dolls, Alaskan soapstone, and more teapots (My son's clay piece sets with my other collectibles.)

A much younger me with my then middle schooler son taking on a double-diamond at Arapahoe Basin, CO.

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Jordanelle Reservoir near home

Beautiful Mirror Lake

Overview of small mountain pond in high country
(also pictured in the header above)

Vignette: Summer Past

Flashback for a moment! If you were like me, the arrival of summer was a glorious time. I was never one to dislike school, but the arrival of freedom was something I loved. Even decades later, I cherish those moments of youth. The entire City of Galion, where I grew up, was my playground. My bike was the conveyance to magnificent adventures as I traveled the streets, many representing foreign countries where my imagination transported me. These were times when parents did not worry about something happening to their child left to his or her own devices. Though my hometown was close to 10,000 people, there was no fear for a child traveling through any section of the community.

During the day, there were hours of sandlot baseball. Sometimes we would leave for the park in early morning and return in late afternoon. Mom provided me with a nickel (5¢) to buy a popsicle for lunch. If we tired of ball, we headed to the pool. We had to plan a bit ahead in order to have the necessary 15¢ entry fee.

Then in the evening, neighborhood kids gathered nightly, usually in my yard, for endless hours of hide-and-seek and kick the can.

Those were times when a woman could be the sole provider and work at a 5 and dime store and still be able to raise her child. Fear of injury and lawsuits did not exist. We just played taking risks that would stun many parents today. Yes, the simplicity of those days are passed, but the memories live on. I for one am grateful that I was able to live them.

Comments from Reader Sandy Carlson

Sandy is a Silk Reeling Practitioner. She especially enjoyed my recent poem Silk Reeling through Life. She wrote me a beautiful response and then took it one-step further and wrote her own poem regarding mine. Due to space I have edited her poem producing only the last magnificent stanza.

She wrote, "I hope you all enjoyed Bob Casey's poem and video. It's a wonderful piece of work. I wrote a poem about the poem and video. Call it an essay if you don't like free verse. . ."

. . . Our art is a fleeting one.
Our work is not chiseled in stone or writ on paper to be copied a million times and sold between cardboard covers.
Five centuries from now no musician will play on her instrument what we have played in the wind.
Instead our legacy is knowledge shared and movement taught,
So that others may not fall or hurt so much,
So others might find the serenity that we will find as we wave our hands in air, “silk reeling through time.”
Ephemeral are those electrons holding our image,
But we are for an instant immortalized.

Northern Utah near Ogden, a major farming region, abundance of fruit and vegetables grown here

Provo River that creates Provo Falls pictured below – also one of best trout fishing rivers in the world


Sparky's Garage cannot be beat in Dillon, MT. Before heading home following a computer hack, we stayed overnight in Dillon. Based upon AAA and a rec for our hotel clerk we decided to eat at this funky restaurant. What a delight! I enjoyed some of best catfish, lightly breaded to perfection. Jan thought her barbecued beef brisket was "really good" flavorful and very tender. It was also a fun place to dine. We sat out on the porch

Sparky's Garage Restaurant in Dillion, MT. (One booth
was in the truck bed.

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Above and below: Provo Falls



Above and below are pictures taken through Wolf Creek Pass (about 20 miles from where we live)





Spent part of a day in Big Sky Montana before turning around– more pictures below

The shots above and below were taken near Dillon, MT (The farthest north we traveled before turning around.)



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