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Our pictorial trip takes us on a visit to Midway's annual Swiss Days and a hike along the Provo River


This Page: VOLUME XX – Issue 8: Sunday, September 26, 2021 (241st Issue)


The mostly maaskless crowd gathers for the annual Swiss Days parade in Midway, UT. The event is always held on Friday and Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. The parade is always on Saturday.

Opening Comments from Bob

This Issue: Due to smoke and weather we stay close to home in this issue. Every Labor Day, the small village of Midway, UT grows from 2500 to 100,000+ from visitors who arrive to attend the annual Swiss Days celebration. (Midway was founded by early Swiss Mormon settlers.) It is a two-day event, Friday and Saturday. The 60-90 minute parade occurs on Saturday. Pictures of the event are below. Jan and I also hiked along the Provo River, considered one of the best trout fishing rivers in the world. The river runs less than a quarter mile from our home. I have included pictures from that hike. The poems, Rare Ones and Translation, speak on deeper issues. Vignette adds more details to the first poem.


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We live in the West so you would expect to see horses, cowgirls, and cowboys.

Two Poems

Rare Ones

They enter the stage
   like a blazing light
   mesmerizing all
   privileged to witness
   this sight.

These souls
   rare to behold

In their presence
   no doubt remains
   to the specialness
   of their being.

One’s own soul rises
   to pinnacles seldom felt
   hoping to prolong
   these celestial feelings.

All long to bathe
   in their light
   like the warming sun
   on a warm winter day.

These moments become
   cherished jewels
   adorning one’s life.

Comments: One is lucky to experience even one such person in life. (See more details in the vignette.)


Thoughts within our minds
   become as if silent voices.
Kneeled in prayer or in meditation
   we sense the presence
   of the beyond.
We attempt to define
   with words.
Noble efforts doomed for failure.
The closest we come
    is with the word




Two youngsters reading until the start of the parade.

The sheriff motorcycle patrol always start the parade.

One of the floats

Bonus Poem Section: On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I have been running a daily series of my older poems accompanied with an appropriate picture. I will show a favorite in this section each month. This poem first appeared in Issue 13, Sunday, September 29, 2002 of the PJ.


Of course, every parade has a high school marching band

A walk along the Provo River


Vignette this Month: Rare Ones

The poem describes very rare humans that in their mere presence you sense the Ultimate. For those who have had the privilege of such a meeting, the person often is related to their particular religious belief system. That was not the case for me. Many years ago, I was with a group who sat in the presence of the Dala Lama. I did not know what to expect. As we waited for the arrival of his Holiness, we bantered back and forth among ourselves. Suddenly, a hush fell over the room, almost if by magic, and he entered. A sense of deep peace enveloped me. Though I am not a Buddhist, the love that exuded from this being is even memorable to me twenty-three years later.

I have known many wonderful people over the decades that I would describe as loving, spiritual, and magnanimous, but only one that fits the description in my poem above, Rare Ones.


The wild sunflowers are in bloom everywhere

Provo River Basin just outside of Midwy, UT


The walk along the Provo River is filled with an abundance of wildflowers.

Another view of the river further down

Provo River, one of the greatest trout fishing rivers in the world (more shots of the Provo below)
You can see Fall is arriving.






Tai Chi Corner

I recently helped with training some new tai chi instructors. (Picture
deliberately blurred.) Contact Bob for a name of an instructor near you.

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