Pictorially, we celebrate summer in Utah

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This was VOLUME XXIII – Issue 7: Sunday, August 27, 2023 (264th Issue)


Farmers Market every Wednesday in Park City, UT. In line for fresh peaches.

...Opening Comments from Bob

This Issue: The pictorial section is a potpourri of shots of summer in Utah. There are three serious, new poems, A Witness, A Blessed Wad of Gum, and A Cure.

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Bryce Canyon

Three Poems

Comment: A simple observation made in late winter.

Comment: Have you ever noticed that sometimes unpleasant experiences lead to pleasant ones.

Comment: A bit of advice that has withstood the test of time.

Vignette: Paradise Lost

Jan and I were horrified to learn of the fires that devastated areas of Maui. We were especially shocked to learn of the destruction of Lahaina, once a whaling village and capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii. It had morphed over the years to a major tourist area filled with shops of almost every eke.

Though this historic town was often crowded and in some ways represented some of the negative aspects of tourism, it still was a favorite place for us to visit. For over four decades we dined and enjoyed some great food and visited many of the shops. Sitting awhile under the famous banyan tree always brought a bit of peace and several poems. Recent reports indicate that this 100+ year old tree may survive despite the burn due to its deep roots.

We were especially saddened to learn of the complete destruction to the Lahaina Methodist Church where we often worshiped and Jan and I renewed our vows on our 50th Anniversary. I watched via YouTube the last service before the fire and shared the joy with the baptism of a young couple's child. Everyone was so happy. I couldn't help but wonder if they survived the fire. For ultimately, while the loss of the buildings and the historical artifacts are tragic, the loss of lives is the greatest tragedy.

Jan and I know that the Hawaiian people will meet this devastation with the Spirit of Aloha. However, we mourn with them their losses.




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