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Who is Bob?

Bob Casey is a professional writer and Tai Chi and Qigong instructor. More importantly, he is a seeker. He sees life as an adventurous journey with innumerable lessons to be learned along the way.

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My trilogy Epic Journeys into Time is now available on and iTunes. Professional narrator William Shanks does an incredible job! Audible is offering an excellent deal.

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To learn about Bob's twenty books, CLICK HERE!! He has also written two romantic novels under the pen name Leo Pashi for a total of 22 books.

October 1, 2022: This page was originally PJ 252 - August Issue) Now another page added to the Westward Ho series.: Jan and I recently visited eastern Utah, once home to millions of years of dinosaurs, the original Jurassic Park. I conducted a Tai Chi workshop in Roosevelt, Utah, and the next day we toured the resort center on dinosaur history, located in the Vernal, Utah area. Nearby is the National Dinosaur Monument which attracts thousands of tourists a year. For those interested, the vignette below provides more information regarding this area. The two poems are It Begins and Personal Rain Dance. The Bonus Poem speaks to a personal journey.

September 25, 2022 - PJ 253: We returned to Ohio for a brief visit and had a wonderful time visiting family. During the visit we took time to tour Kingwood Center Gardens in nearby Mansfield, Ohio. I could not believe the changes that occurred since its redesign. I hope you enjoy the pictures taken there. The two poems, Signs and Conundrum, speak for themselves. Recently, I also had an opportunity to have lunch with a former student from many years ago. I speak of that event in the vignette.

Many of my most recent poems appear in the Westward Ho Series.


My Hawiian poems are the most popular.


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The Life Category poetry focuses on many personal life experiences and observations. Many involve nature.


The Love Category contains not only romance poems but also several that speak beyond traditional romantic love.


Beauty comes in many forms. My poetry speaks to many of these including Hawaiian and Westward Ho experiences.


Poems in the Eternal Category speak to the deep within us – universal love or the spiritual. They were written for all faiths.