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Who is Bob?

Bob Casey is a professional writer and Tai Chi and Qigong instructor. More importantly, he is a seeker. He sees life as an adventurous journey with innumerable lessons to be learned along the way.

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My trilogy Epic Journeys into Time is now available on and iTunes. My professional narrator William Shanks does an incredible job! Audible is offering an excellent deal.

New and Recent Site Additions

To learn about Bob's nineteen books, CLICK HERE!! He has also written two romantic novels under the pen name Leo Pashi.

December 24, 2021: December Issue of the Poetical Journal As with previous Christmas issues, it comes out on December 24 and is an abbreviated issue. This tradition began over ten years ago. The two poems, A Christmas Carole and Home for Christmas. have also appeared in previous issues.

Click here to read the November Issue of the Poetical Journal

Featured Categories


The Life Category poetry focuses on many personal life experiences and observations.


The Love Category contains not only romance poems but also several that speak beyond traditional romantic love.


Beauty comes in many forms. My poetry speaks to many of these including Hawaiian and Westward Ho experiences.


Poems in the Eternal Category speak to the deep within us whether universal love or the spiritual. They were written for all faiths.