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Near the entrance to the Colorado National Monument (All pictures on this page were taken there or near Grand Junction)

On this page is poetry, pictures, and recommendations regarding magnificent Grand Junction, Colorado.

Searching for Immortality at
the Colorado National Monument

The monoliths and mesas rise
into the cloudless Colorado sky
dwarfing mere mortals into insignificance.

The fall rays spotlight
the terra cotta iron impregnated sandstone,
offering hues of mauve, reds, and browns

that mesmerize the eyes.

Bursts of yellow and gold
decorate the cedars and aspens
that meander along the dry creek beds

or gather in bunches
wherever they can take root.

These canyons formed from
the sands of ancient waters
stand stoically watching the passage of time.

High up above on the serpentine road
that winds through, up, and across the mesas
I pause briefly stepping out for my own meander,
taking in the magnificence.

Peering at the rock I am crossing
another has left his ignoble mark,
“Chief Twohouse 1937,”
in his search for immortality.

Comments: Two weeks ago, a business cohort and I returned to the Grand Junction area on company assignment. Before our return flight, we had time to tour the almost indescribable Colorado National Monument–one of the grand landscapes of the American West. It contains sheer-walled canyons, towering monoliths, and colorful formations. The graffiti on one of the rocks helped generate this poem and hence the title. Be sure to visit the web version to see some of the spectacular views I tried to capture. You will also see the ignoble etchings on one of the rocks.

Entering the Colorado National Monument
  • Grand Junction Area – On my last business trip there, I made several discoveries that are worth mentioning. First, enjoy the unique, tasteful stores that exist in the compact downtown. Some of the friendliest sales people you will ever meet. Two very special ones are Unique Expressions (what a selection of tasteful gifts and art for the home) at 336 Main St. and Frameworks & Gallery at 309 Main St. Enjoy Rob Kurtzman's magnificent photography. See some of his work at http://www.robkurtzman.com. There is also a newly remodeled French restaurant, the Moulin Rouge (formally the Rendez Vous) located at 317 Main. The food is beautifully presented and equally delectable. It also has a very reasonable wine list. Just outside of Grand Junction is the spectacular Colorado National Monument. (You are currently enjoying scenes from there.
East of Grand Junction coming down from the ridge road