Background: Robert L. Hinshaw – Bob was born on a farm near Millville, Indiana and spent the first 17 years of his life there. Upon graduation from Hagerstown High School in May of 1948, he enlisted in the Air Force. His career spanned 30 years and he retired in the grade of Chief Master Sergeant. He is now retired in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife Vera. Bob has completed 4 books of poetry: Autumn Reflections; Fireside Reflections; Sunset Reflections and Musin's From The Front Porch. You may email Bob


The Man O'War HMS Arcturus dominated the billowin' main!
Foes were fearful of closin' battle with 'er since she was their bane!
What a magnificent and imposin' sight was she with 'er riggin' full o'sail,
As she raced to and fro with Union Jack a-snappin' leavin' havoc in 'er trail!

The Master, Captain Pettigrew, ran a taut ship but was beloved by his crew.
He had led them through battle and stormy gale - they were tried and true.
Captain Pettigrew held to tradition and was generous with the cup o'rum.
His crew would follow him anywhere, though at times spent and numb!

Durin' the din of battle when lethal shell flew and the cannon roared,
And though the deck was awash with blood upon its oaken board,
Midst the billowin' smoke they saw their gallant captain a-standin' tall,
A source of strength and courage, exhortin' victory from one and all!

Though many a battle and ragin' storm upon 'er had taken their toll,
And 'er wooden hull groaned and creaked with every sea-tossed roll,
She was the pride of the British Fleet and there was nary another like 'er,
Just ask any of the crew who served aboard 'er and they would readily concur!

She made 'er final cruise in 1817 leavin' port sailin' o'er the horizon,
In 'er usual majestic style, fully rigged displayin' flyin' jib and mizzen!
Alas, she disappeared and 'er plight was never really known for true.
Only He Who rules the seas knows the fate of HMS Arcturus and 'er crew.

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired

(This is a fictional write. I chose to name the ship HMS Arcturus.

Arcturus is the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere)

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